August 10th, 2011


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My history with eggplants, a tale of growth.

My dad loves fresh fruits and vegetables, because when he was a kid they could rarely afford fresh produce. Things like fresh oranges were a Christmas or other holiday treat. So his love of fresh produce rubbed off on me. But we have always had different ideas about what's good and what isn't. I won't go into a huge list, but for the purposes of this post, eggplants are one of his favorite veggies. His favorite eggplant preparation method is sliced, dipped in raw egg, then fried. Over the years, every few months he would have me try a piece, and every time I forgot how much I'd hated it the last time he made me try it. So since leaving home, I hadn't had eggplant.

Something to know about me before we go on, and some of you may already know this, but it needs saying just in case: I am a creature of habit. Very strongly so. Except that something about the way my brain works means that every now and then I'll get a random whim and suddenly years of habit just vanish and are replaced by a new habit that takes over as if it's been there the whole time and nothing changed. For example, sleeping habits: for years I had the habit of needing music on to get to sleep. Every now and then, it would switch to being completely unable to sleep if any music was playing, then switch back. So far, it's been many years and I'm still on a "can't have music or TV on" streak. Also, I used to alternate between needing the fan noise to sleep and being unable to sleep if the fan was going. And it didn't go by anything logical like the seasons, either; I was just as likely to need the fan on cold winter nights (pointed AWAY from me; it was for noise only) as on summer nights. Also, just as likely to be completely unable to sleep with the fan going on hot summer nights (Gods, I hated those streaks). I've been fairly stable lately with needing the fan noise year round for many years. But you never know, it could still randomly switch.

Anyway, so after hating eggplant most of my life, and having no reason at all to try it again, I just randomly picked up an eggplant at Trader Joe's (an organic/fair trade grocery chain) when I saw one in the store. And bought it, took it home, then chopped it up and added it to the chicken and zucchini stuff I make a lot, the whole time worried that the eggplant was going to ruin it. But the whim was just too strong.

What I discovered: I like eggplant, when cooked at least this way. Other ways might work, too. Experimentation is needed. But Dad's method? Not even gonna try that again, pretty sure I'll still hate it. Though you never know. Maybe if I'd tried this cooking method before, I wouldn't have liked it; it could be just one of those random things like I talked about above, a case of my subconscious or my body or both saying "We like eggplant. We have always liked eggplant. Why are you looking at us like that? What, have we grown a second head?"

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Getting internal video monologue, now. Sheesh!

So... [personal profile] alex_antonin may be a major pain in the arse at times, since he's grumpy, sarcastic, gets ticked off by everything, and excels at making an ass of himself, but the guy does have his good points. He's thrifty to the point of being cheap, he helps me remember stuff, he's more organized than I, and he's the one person who makes me laugh more than anyone else. Sure, a lot of his humor is insults and sarcasm, but he gets really creative about it. And sure, he's the person who inspired my coining the term sarcaustic," but hey, he's still funny.

Anyway, one of Alex's favorite things to say is "I don't care." Usually in the form of "I don't know. And I don't care." With variations like "I don't know. Nor do I care." Usually in response to whatever random thought or brain fart I have so many of throughout the day. Only, it gets a little dull, he says it so much. So he makes it more interesting. Last few months, he's been alternating between that and "Ask me if I care."

Well, last night he gave an especially interesting response to something. I said whatever it was I said, and suddenly he sends me this moving image of walking along at some carnival, walking up to a tent with a carny in a black tophat and black moustache pointing at a large jar of jelly beans with a cane like a pointer, saying, "Step right up folks, step right up! Win a prize! Guess just exactly how many shits were given, and you too can win!"

I'm pretty sure I cackled madly at that. :-) It took several minutes to stop laughing. :-D

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