July 10th, 2011

Dakota being weird

Human brain and ST:DS9

Watching "How Does the Brain Work?" a Nova Science NOW production. They just said, "the human brain can store 1 million gigabytes" Which is 1000 terabytes. This made me think of the episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 where five people's transporter patterns get stuck in the main computer core of the station. The station uses every available byte of space to store them, erasing a bunch of stuff first to clear room. I don't know how much data would be needed to store their physical patterns, but I figured out something neat. There were five people stuck. That's 5000 terabytes just for their brains. The entire modern Internet, at least on the biggest archive site, has a little over 4000 terabytes of data on it. So four human brains is more data than the entire modern Internet's archive.

Let's say their physical patterns are 1000 terabytes as well, why don't we? So in total, that would be 10,000 terabytes. In the 24th century. Where they have computers that can understand human language, and there's even a sentient Android and a pair of sentient holograms. I don't know how much data storage DS9 has, but I would hope it's more than 5000 or 10,000 terabytes, after all that time.

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