June 23rd, 2011


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Hermione not amused

Goldman Sachs needs to be sacked!

So now, not only is Goldman Sachs responsible for fucking up USA's economy, it's also at least partially responsible for Greece's financial woes, too. And if Greece's problems cause the whole European economy to collapse, then Goldman Sachs is responsible, in turn, for that as well. Same goes if the whole world's economy goes in the shitter due to a European economic collapse.

Goldman Sachs also has a long history of doing risky shit that fucks up the US's economy. They played a large role in the collapse that brought about the Great Depression, and had been making fuckups before and since.

With that in mind, can we PLEASE disband Goldman Sachs and put all its management staff in prison for life now? And re-instate the protections that were put in place after the Great Depression which had been intended to prevent another economic collapse? PLEEEEASE?

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Cyborg velociraptor by Djinni

Dream last night with Harry Potter back at school and getting in a threesome.

I had a dream last night that I was Harry Potter, after killing Voldemort, and I came back to Hogwarts to complete my final year there. I don't remember the plot beyond that, as it was too complicated. Something about Umbridge becoming the new villain and trying to take over the school through a teacher who was secretly her daughter. Oddly, a giant muggle listening device disguised as a cell phone tower was sitting in plain view on the grounds, and nobody commented on it except Harry, who asked Hermione how a muggle listening device was supposed to work on the Hogwart's grounds, and she said something about it being shielded against magic. I think the teacher that was Umbridge's daughter was using polyjuice potion or something, because she changed appearance at one point in the dream.

Then, somehow, we ended up at Durmstrang, which was abandoned. There were several minutes of plot convolutions I've completely forgotten then, which ended somehow with two of the female students getting into bed naked together, and inviting Harry to join them. The last thing I remember before the alarm went off is Harry laying naked with these two naked girls in bed. And I can't even recall which girls they were. I hope for Harry's sake that at least one of them was Ginny.

I have no idea what brought this about, either. I haven't been reading any of the books, or watching any of the movies, lately. But it was pretty cool, especially the end. :-D

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