May 22nd, 2011


Got a couple things today.

Went out to Target today, intending to get some things:
* file transfer cord, for transfers between Q and Picard (laptop and desktop, respectively). Also still have a huge file to get off of Nora (old laptop)
* 16 GB or 32 GB thumb drive
* New electric razor

Of those, I decided the selection for the top two was crappy, already knew I could get the transfer cable cheaper from Amazon. Probably same for the thumb drives. Of the things on the list, only got the electric razor (which I love! It makes my skin baby-soft).

Also at Target, saw this program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I'd been eyeing before, but never got before because it was $50. Well, amazingly they had it on sale for only $10. You BET I got that! What is it, you ask? It a teachable voice-to-text program.

Also went to a store called Stuff to look at LCD monitors. Stuff sells mostly used things. Interestingly, though they had rows and rows and rows of LCD monitors, there was not a single CRT monitor in the whole store. I didn't buy anything there, just getting price estimates.

The rest of this entry, starting from the sentence, is being dictated to you Using Dragon Naturally Speaking. What I like the most about this program is that it learns over time. You create a user profile start with, reading a selection from one of several texts which you get to choose, and then every time you use it (as long as you remember to correct it as you go along) helps it understand you a little bit more. I've already taught at several names from my stories, like Lyria Spellspinner, Jedocas Crysari, and Kialu Laiu. Admittedly, it gets a little tedious, especially when you have to say the punctuations. And sometimes you have to say the spaces, too, but only on occasion. Also, there the – and I don't even know if I can say this without activating it – the "scratch that" command, which basically erases the last block of text that the thing decided you said. But I do find that it is getting easier to use the more I use it. And hey, Brooke, it's teaching me to enunciate! (Also, it's really fun to do body language things when I make commands and stuff.)

I am going to have to try this thing on chat; I really am. To be able to lean back and talk, merely hitting the enter button on occasion... On second thought, I think I actually think faster when I'm typing than I do when I'm talking aloud. May have something to do with the fact that I don't always talk aloud very well, due to my social deficits, and that carries over to my social Internet media stuff apparently. I was doing quite well though talking to this digital diary file I created, though. I haven't been able to do much of anything a digital diary file for a long time, because I had the finger version of my speech impediment. So, to have found a way to get around that problem is really quite awesome!

I was also doing something akin to poetry at an earlier point as well; nothing I care to share, but it was interesting anyway.

Apparently you can even do some rudimentary navigation in Firefox as well. I'm not that I even try to say the commands for that here, for fear of accidentally messing with something. I know this is Semagic, not Firefox, but I've already accidentally activated a few things on here somehow, so not too keen on pushing my luck.

And now for some random words from my brain: the more we get together, together, together; the more we get together, the happier we'll be.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright, in the forest of the night...

Well folks, it's been a weird week or so. I try, I really do, but my sleep schedule keeps getting frakked up. (Apparently, I can't say the other word without activating the file command.) I won't even try to go into detail about it, either in speech or typing, because it is just that messed up. Going in circles all the time. Such pretty circles, they are. Let's see, 7 PM to 7 AM: and it is currently 4:30 PM. Part of the problem, of course, is that once I get to sleep, I sleep way too long. Like 10 or 12 hours, regardless though when I set my alarm; I just keep resetting the darn thing. Kind of sucks that I can get up, do rather complicated things, then go back to bed and roll over into sleep as though all I did was get up to piss. It's all about being in the right gear; or in this case, the wrong gear.

I was kind of hoping to make it to 6 PM, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do that this time around. I can barely even think right now. So I guess I'm signing off. Adios!!!@#*$^/~~~~& % cosine

Edit: Oh My God! Voice commands in Gmail!!! Holy Mother of God!!! So awesome! :–D

Oh, also, the :-) is voice commanded too! (But not the :-D for some reason. Either that, or I haven't figured it out yet.)

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