May 20th, 2011


Five fictional beverages you wish you could try.

Five fictional beverages you wish you could try.

1. Slurm. Even though it's made of slime secreted by giant sentient slugs.

2. I don't remember the name of it, but there was a liquid in Dune made with melange that gave people awesome powers.

3. Pan-galactic gargle blaster, even though I don't like alcohol, because I'm curious what having my brain smashed by a gold brick wrapped in lemon would taste like.

4. If we can include our own fictional drinks, then I find I want to try Findok Beer from Traipah. Though I might change my mind if it stinks as bad as I imagine it does. (Findok fruit smells very bad when rotten.)

5. While we're at that (and since I can't think of any "real" fictional drinks), I want to know what Alóra juice tastes like; it's supposed to be the best flavor in the universe.

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girl crying 2

Yea Gods, the horror!

Dear Gods,

Please Gods, let me age gracefully. I want to look good in my old age. Or at least, not look terrifying, like this old woman I saw earlier today whose eyes were permanently bugging out of her skull and whom seemed to have no eyelids. I nearly puked when I saw that. If I looked like that, I think I'd kill myself. And I really don't want to look like the woman I saw about 4 or 5 years ago in a Wal-Mart who looked like death, literally; she looked like she had died and been partially mummified. If not for my superhuman self control, I would have screamed and ran away that day.


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