May 15th, 2011

Hermione not amused

The impossible KVM switch

I bought a KVM switch with keyboard and mouse and audio cable capability earlier, and just recently tried to use it. I got it out of the box, all the cables I needed plugged in, then looked at it and realized it wasn't going to work. I don't know what these people were thinking when they designed it, there's no fucking way it could possibly work as a KVM switch. For one thing, there is no power source. Secondly, the only connections to the computer from the KVM switch are the audio cables. The thing takes USB keyboard and mouse, but there's no way to actually get the data from there to the computer. The only other connection to computer is for the monitor, which I don't actually need.

Well, I tried it anyway, thinking maybe the KVM switch, despite having no power source, would somehow communicate with the computer through the sound port. (Especially since the audio ports go from USB to audio, oddly.) It didn't work.

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Need input on how much Lyria charges to revive the dead.

My fantasy character Lyria Spellspinner has many services she charges for, being a sorceress, and among those is reviving the recently deceased. As in, so dead only magic can bring them back. (Her power has limits, but that's not important right now.) She offers this service to middle class and upper class, basically anyone who can afford it, and it isn't cheap. But I never had reason until now to be clear on how much she charges. I haven't decided yet what she should charge. I want middle class people to be able to afford it, even if only with a payment plan, but still be more than just chump change for the wealthy. I considered having two prices, one for middle class and one for the rich, but that might cause customer difficulties, and she already said in one of the stories that she had a standard fee for that service.

Despite being a fantasy universe, most of the countries she lives in are fairly modern in many ways, though they use magic to power their technology. To make a lot of things eaasier, I made their money system similar to American money in some regards. So, that in mind, here is the poll:

Poll #1741825 Question about reviving the dead

Which do you think would be the best price, from Lyria's point of view, for reviving the dead?


If you said "Other" in the question above, how much should she charge?

EDIT: Don't know if this is relevant or not, but this service of hers is illegal in the country she lives in. She uses her wealth, position, powers, and cunning to keep her activities a secret.