May 12th, 2011

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I downloaded, burned to disk, and tried out several Linux OS's, booting from disk. I decided I liked Kubuntu, and so I began the install. And for no sane reason, it was fucking around with the external 2 TB drive instead of the laptop's main drive, and I didn't know until it was too late. Now I have to scan the 2 TB drive and I've prayed to every Deity I know that all the files on it will be alright. In the meantime, I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM BECAUSE WHY THE FUCKING HELL WOULD KUBUNTU EVEN FUCKING TRY TO INSTALL ITSELF ON AN EXTERNAL DRIVE INSTEAD OF THE FUCKING MAIN HARDDISK!?!?!?! I WISH KUBUNTU HAD A FACE I COULD FUCKING STAB A BILLION TIMES!!!!

I swear to everything holy, if the files on my 2 TB drive aren't perfectly okay, I will hunt down the bastards who programmed it to do that and shove a ton of broken glass up their fucking assholes!!!

Also pissed at myself; had I known this was even the remotest possibility, I would have turned the external drive off first.

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Steph Candy

After the almost-disaster attempting to dual-boot my laptop with Kubuntu...

After the almost-disaster attempting to dual-boot my laptop with Kubuntu, I think I'll wait awhile, try more Linux things from live CD (I tried Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Gnome already), and volunteer at FreeGeek so I can learn and also get a free second desktop pre-loaded with Linux.

The plan I have for the Linux box is for box to have two or more harddrives in removable racks, each drive with its own OS. Like, for an example only, Kubuntu on one, Gnome on another. Turn off the computer, pull one drive, the remaining one is boot. Or figure out which one is Master and which is Slave, and switch them out as needed.

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