May 11th, 2011

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Damn laptop being stupid

I am so fucking pissed off at my laptop right now. The Bamboo graphics tablet works, but not the pen part. No matter where I plug the damn thing in, how many times I unplug it and replug it, or even if I restart the computer with the damn thing plugged in, the pen part is not working. And the damn thing is useless to me without the pen part.

I figure it has to be a problem on the laptop, because the tablet itself still recognizes when then pen is near and changes the light color from white to orange. So it has to be some fuckup of the laptop. Fucking damn thing.

I hope I don't have this problem with my new desktop PC, when I get it.

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Little Girl in rain By lj user never_end

Neat weather things

For shits and grins, I did a search to see if there were any services where one could text their zip code to a number and get a weather report text message. And I found some at this link. The one I chose to go with was Google, in which you text "Weather 97218" (using your own ZIP instead of mine) to 46645 (GOOGL). Be careful to include the "weather" bit. I tried just a w instead of weather, and got three text messages that looked like entries from the W page of the white pages. So obviously, it does more than weather. I may experiment with it to see what else it does.

I looked it up because I keep forgetting to check the weather doodad on my laptop, and it doesn't always give me the right info anyway. Also, checking the weather from inside my apartment is impossible; no way to see if it's raining from out my windows unless it's raining blood or toads or something of the sort. All I can see is grey skies during even the hardest rains. And the trees out back complicate things further; I have to go out my door, turn left, walk 10 feet, and turn left again to see if it's raining (by looking at puddles in the parking lot). And today, I was all set to head out, dressed for a warm, sunny day; tube dress and sandals, and no umbrella. I got to where I could see the parking lot, and it was POURING. So, I had to go back and change. Still wearing the tube dress, but added pants, socks, and actual shoes, as well as my big multicolored umbrella. And my leather tenchcoat, too.

More info on Google SMS stuff. (Site says it's 466453 [GOOGLE] instead of 46645 [GOOGL], but both work fine.)

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What the actual fuck, Facebook?

I just got "Your account is temporarily locked" because "we do not recognize the device you're on." It made me confirm my identity, which I had to do using my cell phone, because the fuckinng Facebook doesn't believe me when I told them where my mother was born. What the flippity frakking Jesus-wearing-panties FUCK, Facebook? It's my laptop, the only fucking computer I have at the moment!

The only thing I can think of is maybe Facebook freaked out over my accessing it from Immortal Pie and Larder instead of home. Which is crap, really; it never flips out over my being at Ira's Deli, or Brooke's apartment, or the library, or anywhere else. So again I say, WHAT THE FUCK, Facebook?

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