April 21st, 2011

Elle Fanning

RAM and various thoughts

Well, I have 8 GB of RAM in my laptop now! Took him a few tries to get it in and get the computer to see it was there, which had me worried, but in the end it worked. We even logged in and checked the system properties to make sure, and sure enough, 8 GB of RAM! This should be interesting.

On the way to Office Depot to get the RAM installed, there was this gorgeous bus driver with a wonderful personality. Female, youngish but old enough to possibly be married with kids, delicious-looking chocolate skin, and black hair. I was strongly tempted to ask if she was taken yet, or to tell her she's gorgeous, or both, but alas, I was too chicken. I hope I see her again.

Today was otherwise a waste, so far. I failed last night to make it until 8 PM before going to sleep. It was over 24 hours I was up again, that time on accident. I made it til 5:30 PM, or possibly 6, before going to sleep. So it was 4 AM I woke up this morning. Going on 15 hour wakefulness now. 15:30, actually. Dunno how much longer I can last. Hope to be in bed by midnight though. Going to Brooke's, so not sure how that'll go. (No idea how long I'm normally up.) Actually, I'll be at Brooke's by the time I post this. Writing this on the bus, which come to think of it, bad idea... motion sickness. Stopping for now.

Okay, at Brooke's now. Still getting over the motion sickness. Thing with me and buses is, if I try to read or write on the bus, I get motion sickness. Not sure why. But I remember I used to get motion sick on swings when I was a kid (still do). I'd keep trying them, either from forgetting that they made me ill, or a determination to have it be different that time. Oddly, I didn't get motion sick on merry-go-rounds or see-saws, usually.

Also, I realized something about myself earlier while reviewing some old memories. From what I remember, I was self-aware enough as early as 9 years old to where I was starting to get my first conscious inklings of my transgendered status. I think if today's type of Internet access had been available to me back then, I would have realized the truth fully as young as 9 or 10. That might have been interesting.

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