April 8th, 2011

Hit Girl

Bought more RAM.

My laptop comes with 2 GB of RAM, and that was fine at first, but it's started to get a little slow, with Opera "not responding" every few minutes or so. Granted, it's because I have something else (usually a movie or game) up on the other screen at the same time, but still... I'd been thinking about getting more RAM anyway. So I looked on the HP website to see what my laptop would take. Called Office Depot about the installation fees and RAM prices, looked online a bunch of places for prices. Is it any surprise I found the best rate, for Kingston brand notebook RAM, on Amazon? Just $28.99 for each one, and there are 2 available slots. So I got two 2GB RAM sticks from there, less than $60. The installation fee is $40, but hey, pretty good for memory, all told.

EDIT: To be fair, I have several tabs up in Opera, two monitors going, Opera in one and in the other: Chrome running a movie on Netflix, BitTorrent, and a folder open on my 2TB drive. Oh, and several desktop gadgets (2 weather gadgets, a wireless connection gadget, and a "safely remove hardware" gadget). And Opera only gets weird if I do something like open several tabs full of pictures (randompictures LJ comm) or go through sites too fast, or go too fast through other things. Computers generally have a hard time keeping up with me because I surf and change windows really fast. It's like my thoughts go faster when I'm on a computer, and every which way, with me pulling up things as I think about them. And some of the tabs I pull up on browsers are very memory-heavy. Also, not unusual for me to have both Opera and Chrome up, and then pull up Firefox, too. It's easier than logging out of sites and in under a different username.

I can totally see myself someday evolving into a being jacked-in at all times to a computer, doing hundreds of different tasks at the same time.

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