April 5th, 2011

girl crying 2

Creepy as fuck.

Got woken up today not by an alarm going off, but a creepy as fuck auditory hallucination. Some sound I couldn't identify, and then two people having an argument. I know it wasn't a real argument I was hearing, because the context was all wrong. And unfortunetely I don't remember enough about the argument to say why it was creepy. Anyway, argument got "louder," I heard the weird sound again, and then it sounded like someone whispering right in my ear, which is what startled me awake in a panic.

Creepier things have happened to me, even in this apartment, but not often.

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Hermione not amused

Technology throttling people's freedoms.

I just stumbled on this link while reading this article on Cracked.com. The link I stumbled upon is about a new technology being/been developed that analyzes text for grammar, word choice, etc that is supposed to detect adults pretending to be children and prevent serial molesters from luring kids online. Great idea, right? Just one problem - I was extremely well spoken/written from a young age, years ahead of my age, and I could not stand bad grammar or bad spelling; still can't. I was able to pretend to be an adult because I sounded like an adult. In fact, there were times when I told people I was really a lot younger than they thought I was, and they didn't believe me. So if this technology had existed when I was a kid, and if I'd tried talking with people online who were my own age, this technology would have thought I was an adult.

So while I understand the reasons, I can't hear about this without wondering how many nerdy kids are going to get spanked by this technology for being too smart for their age, especially when everyone else their age is speaking in such utter gibberish that I'm not even going to attempt to mimic it.

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