March 29th, 2011


Got me a few things today.

Today I went out to get a few things. First went to Target for some lotion and nail polish. Ended up getting a few more things. One thing I got was an electric kettle. They had like 6 different brands of electric kettles. I got the second cheapest one because it was metal and had a base, and the other was plastic. A plastic electric kettle? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

I also got some clothing for these two Barbie dolls I have, one of which is black and the other is brunette with a tan (the dolls, not the clothes). They've been naked for years, since the clothes got lost, and now they have clothing again!

The third thing I got at Target was a computer game. Two in one package, actually; Bejewelled Twist and Peggle Nights, both of which I love.

Then I went to Ikea and got another $7.99 Lack brand table, to set by the one already next to my computer desk, so I have a place for food and drinks now.

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