March 28th, 2011

Steph squee 2

I have an extended display for my computer now!

Went out today to get a book for Brooke because for some reason she doesn't have her own library card and won't get one (silly girl!) and so sometimes has me get books for her. She's good to books and reads faster than most people shit, and it isn't often, so I don't mind.

Also stopped at Radio Shark (Radio Shack)1 while I was down there, to look and see if they had a spare cord thingy for my laptop cooler, but it's a special kind of connection I'll have to get from the manufacturer (assuming I can remember what brand it is, or it might be listed on the cooler). I browsed a bit before leaving, and found a wireless keyboard and mouse on sale for $20! So I got it, because I have been wanting to try out using the CRT monitor with the laptop (it has a place to plug in such monitors). When I was dropping off the book at Brooke's, though, she gave me a better idea: use both screens, extend the display. So I did. A little Google search, follow the easy instructions, and voila! I now have an extended display:

Now I can watch videos in one screen while I surf the Net on the other screen! No more pausing and switching between screens! Yay!

After that, it took about half an hour or so of difficult and annoying moving things about to switch from the table I had my laptop at2, to the desk thing I have my monitor on. While I was at it, I moved the 2TB drive onto this old UFO-shaped 4-port hub I have because, well... I don't know if there's something wrong with this 7-port hub or not, but every now and then things plugged into it randomly disappear and reappear, making the "device unplugged" and "device re-plugged" noises. And since it could be problematic for something on the 2TB drive to be interrupted like that, I moved it to the other hub, which didn't have that problem as far as I can remember.

Only problem, really, with the new setup is there's *just* enough room for the monitor and the laptop on the same desk. And since I used to use the little black table on my right side for food, but it now has a speaker on it (and it's where I put the wireless keyboard and mouse when I need to get up), I'm gonna have to go to Ikea again and get another little table to put in front of it, for food. Right now, I have my tea glass around the corner in the kitchen area, where I can reach around and grab it. :-D I think I'll go to Ikea tomorrow. Those little black tables are only $8 at the most.

I really do need a desktop PC at some point, though. I have three devices, the graphics tablet, the 2TB external drive, and the gamepad, which really don't seem to like hubs. And this laptop has only three USB ports. That's kind of silly, if you ask me. My old laptop was 14 years old and had 2 USB ports. So they've only found out how to add one more port to a laptop in all that time, or what? Actually, come to think of it, when I was looking at this laptop, there was one of those dinky little netbooks with four ports, I think.

One last thing: Thanks to a tweak program for Windows 7, the Stephanie image on my desktop is also the image for the welcome screen (AKA login screen). But they could be different if I wanted them to be.

1 = Brooke and I have funny names for some places:
A. Radio Shack = I call it Radio Shark.
B. Ross = cRoss dress for less
C. Jack In The Box = Jerk In The Box or Jack Off In The Box
D. Office Depot = Office Despot or Orifice Despot
E. Wal-Mart = Wal-Marx or "All-Consuming Wal-Mart"
F. Post Office = Post Oriface
G. Target = sometimes pronounced Tar-djay

2 = I had everything set up where, if I wanted to take the laptop out and about, I just unplug everything and leave it. But I had a 7-port hub, speakers, a webcam, a gamepad, and the 2 TB external drive to move over from the kitchen table to the living room computer desk.

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