March 25th, 2011



Was looking at this page: - and being weirded out. Look at the shades called Taupe, Umber, and Wenge. Either my laptop isn't rendering them properly, or I'm seeing them improperly, because they look like shades of gray to me. So does Khaki. Citrine looks like a yellow, Beige looks like a white, Wheat looks like a very light pink. Desert Sand also looks pink. Fulvous, Sinopa, and Tawny look like orange. Several shades (Burgundy, Chestnut, Cordovan, Redwood) look like shades of purple.

Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?

Meanwhile, this is actually what I needed.

EDIT: OMG, just noticed Maroon on there, too. Um, no. Maroon is NOT a shade of brown. It is a shade of red.

EDIT 2: Some of the skin color shades looked off, too. So I tilted my screen back some more, which improved things. Now some of the shades of brown look more brown-like too. But not all of them.

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