March 19th, 2011

Steph angry


It was bad enough having to walk all the way down Fremont to where it intersects line 75 to drop off a package at the UPS box (sending the DSL modem back to Qwest), which is a long damn walk, because the line 24 doesn't run on weekends... but then I realized I forgot my phone. I use my phone to figure out when buses will get there and texts with kengr. Oh well, I've been out and about without it before. I have my laptop. Only, I never bothered memorizing Brooke's number since it was in my phone. So I can't use one of those "send a text message from the Internet for free" services to tell her why I'll not be responding to texts or picking up the phone if she calls.

Anyway, so since I was at the 75's route and needed to go to the library anyway, I did that. For the latest Seanan McGuire book, "Late Eclipses." Which Brooke recently bought, and I mainly had on hold for her to begin with, because while I love those books too, I haven't finished the third book yet. And I can't find the third book, it's lost in the mess of my apartment. (Which I plan on picking up some tomorrow.)

After leaving the library, I had - for the second time in a week or less - the experience of the bus pulling up to the stop on Sandy and getting the damned DON'T WALK symbol. I could have made the bus without a ton of running and a ton of annoyance if the damned light had been white, or if there'd been a big enough gap in the cars for me to bolt through. I tried waving the driver down. I almost got to the stop in time, running in front of the bus before it took off, and the bitch of a driver took off anyway. She HAD to have seen me there, I was far enough away from the bus to be plainly visible. I chased after it, and she gestured at the stop ahead. Yeah, overweight and asthmatic me, weighed down with a bookbag, laptop bag, and reusable grocery bag full of stuff is going to be able to run two fucking blocks to the next damned stop. Fucking ass-monkey bitch of a driver. And it's not like we were between stops: she'd barely even pulled away from the stop, and was sitting at the light! She'd driven all of maybe five feet from the stop. Any decent bus driver would have sighed and let me in. I see it happen all the time. But no, this fucking bitch makes me run two blocks to the next stop, which I barely made it to in time. I'm reporting her for unprofessional behavior.

What made it worse, was this old woman sees the driver gesturing at the next stop and sides with the driver by telling me there's a stop two blocks that way. I must have been in full Alex mode then, because one of Alex's favorite "I'm extremely pissed off" voices shouted, "I know where the fucking bus stops are, lady!" at her. LOL, in full femme outfit I cussed out a little old lady in one of my male voices. :-D

But I did make it to the bus, panting and wheezing and pissed off. If I hadn't been afraid of being kicked off the bus for it, I would have let Alex give her several earfuls about just what a rude and unprofessional fucking bitch she was.

And then, I get to Ohana, and none of the USB things are recognized by the computer, including the tablet. I tried restarting, to no avail. So I shut it down, waited, plugged all the USB things in, and turned it on again. And it works now. Sahn-kia1 for that!

At least the Internet is working at Ohana again. Though I think whatever happened to make it go out last night reset the network's name. Because the "Ohana Cafe" network isn't showing up, but I'm getting 5 bars on "Apple Network [bunch of numbers and letters]". And Ohana's wifi has been the only connection around here even CLOSE to 5 bars.

About the only thing good today, besides the Internet working at Ohana, is that I got my spare graphics-tablet pen with extra nubs. Now I can leave one pen home, and take the other one with me out and about. Though of course, the idiot mailman shoved the package into the tiny mailbox with something else. Damn lucky his/her bumbling didn't break anything.

Oh, also, I discovered that one of the dresses I got at Goodwill lets me put my breast forms in without needing a bra. That's pretty awesome. Though I've become keenly aware of the sweat problem, and I think I need to put tissues or washcloths between the forms and my boobs to deal with the sweat.

Today was pretty sunny, too, until recently. It's still not too bad. If it's sunny tomorrow, I'm going to take my two cameras and the tripod and work on that project for Mom and Dad. I should make a list of places I want to go.

1 = "Sahn-kia" = "Many thanks"

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Holy fuck, that took forever!

I got to Ohana at around 4 PM and wrote an entry, then started drawing around 5:45. It is now 8 PM and I just finished the picture I drew, a picture of Lyria took forever because I wanted to get it just right. It still doesn't look quite like her, but it's a fairly good likeness:

It was a struggle because I first tried drawing from a picture I found online that looked a little like her, as a guide, and kept screwing up. Gave up on that, and tried doing it from imagination only. That also took several redraws. Then when I finally got it right, I had to struggle to find a brush to shade her in that looked right. Kept having to switch between the sizes, smooth things out, and I don't even know how many dozen times I had to redraw or trace over the black lines. I haven't put that much effort into drawing from imagination for a long time. But it was fun, and I like the end result.

Also, using mostly the "pencil" brush with a little bit of one of the shade brushes, the hair alone took maybe half an hour.

The file is "lyria2" because I saved the original line drawing as an OpenRaster file first, then the colorized version second, in case I majorly fucked up the coloration and/or lost the lines.

EDIT: So fucking annoying when the computer won't load the updated picture. And I can't figure out how the hell to clear the cache on this thing. So I have no idea if it's too big still or not.

EDIT2: Even with instructions from the web, this machine REFUSES TO CLEAR THE CACHE AND SHOW ME THE UPDATED PICTURE! I WILL KILL IT!!!!!!!!

EDIT3 = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Even clicking on the Photobucket image, hoping that will force the computer to realize it's showing me the wrong picture, DIDN'T WORK! Telling Opera to check the images and webpages every time isn't doing any damned good either! RAAAAAGE!!!

EDIT4 = Okay. So because of Q's complete refusal to clear the cache, redownload the image, or in any way cooperate with me no matter what I do, I said "Fuck it" and deleted the image, renamed it on the computer, and reuploaded it. FUCK YOU, COMPUTER! FUCK YOU UP THE ASS WITH RUSTY RAZOR BLADES!

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