February 28th, 2011

Hermione not amused

Annoying day already today.

I admit it, last night I was up too late. But I'm rarely up before noon or 1 PM anyway. Still... it's been one thing or another today. I was up several times for to use the restroom, and on one trip the bed somehow managed to get wet (not urine, I checked) between my getting up and my sitting down again though there were no water marks or signs of wetness on the ceiling, and there's another apartment between me and the roof anyway. (Either that or I slept on a wet spot without noticing it, which seems equally unlikely, especially since the last time it could have gotten wet had been the day before.)

Then the phone calls began. First, someone who didn't answer. Then, the computer place to inform me that the hard drive in my desktop was dying, but that otherwise it was ready for pickup. More on that later. Third... well, third was the UPS man with a delivery. Fourth was automated phone spam about getting a credit card (I want to hunt down the people responsible for those things and cut pieces from them for my dinner while they're still alive [ha! not really. Like I would pollute the temple of my body so]). Fifth was H&R Block, some phone survey about the service which I immediately hung up on. At that point, I had given up on sleep.

Then there was another no-answer call. Then Brooke texted. She ought to know better by now than to text me before 1 PM unless we have specific plans. Though sometimes she seems unable to tell the difference between when we have specific plans, and when she's merely talked at me about something and taking my lack of response for agreement. There's been several times when she's texted me awake to ask if I was ready, and I'm like "Ready for what?" and she tells me, and I'm thinking, "A. I didn't agree to that. B. I do/don't remember you even mentioning that, but/and you sure as heck didn't ask me to go with you. (Sometimes I do remember her mentioning it.) C. Though I might have agreed to it had you asked, you did not ask. Or you did ask, and I did not answer. But I like you, so I'll do it anyway." Anyway, it wasn't like that this time. I just wanted to vent. Still, it's a good thing I was awake. Even awake, I was like WHAT NOW!?!? and wanted to chuck the phone across the room until I found she was offering me a loaf of bread.

I know, I know, all perils of a nocturnal soul in a world of diurnals. But goddamn, some of these people ought to know better. Like H&R Block; I know for a fact that they know my preference for calls is in the evening.

About the only non-annoying thing this morning was yummy eggs and bacon. Oh, and I finally tried something I've been wanting to do since I first saw it on V For Vendetta... I made Eggy In A Basket! It's quite yummy!

Back to my desktop computer. So, I took it in because trying to install a USB-port card (PCI card) in it made it start to go all weird, specifically that it was freezing up after a certain point and had to be forcibly rebooted. Each time we did this, trying to get to the point where we could figure out of the PCI card would work or not, the time it took to freeze got shorter and shorter. Finally, it wouldn't let us past the BIOS part of startup. When I first took it in, the woman there unplugged the spare drive and got the computer working again, having figured out that the spare drive was dying. I left it there to get a $90 tune-up so it would go faster.

I called on Saturday to find out if I could pick it up. I couldn't, because they ran into problems trying to do the tuneup. The guy thought it was the processor, and they were doing something that sounded suspiciously like running a horse to death to find out where in its body the weakness was. (It was some kind of jargon; the horse thing was what came to mind as they were describing it.) So I was told Monday they'd know what the problem was for sure. Today, they informed me the main drive was also dying. That one problem they'd run into - that of the computer shutting down on its own (which was a new one to me) was the hard drive coming onto spots in itself that were going bad, and not knowing what it should do.

When they called me today about the main hard drive also being on its deathbed, a paranoid part of me was suspicious, and I wanted to point out that maybe if they hadn't been running the poor thing at top speed all weekend long, that such would not be the case. But seeing as they were unable to do the tuneup, and now can only charge me the $35 service fee that I would have had to pay anyway for their PC-medical checkup skills (which I knew about before deciding to leave it there), they're out a bunch of money, which snuffed out that moment of paranoid suspicion.

Unlike the spare drive, the main drive doesn't have much that I care about on it. I long ago moved all my non-Dropbox files from there onto my 2 TB external drive. I have only a few pictures in the My Pictures folder saved from Paint since then, and not many of those.

By the way, my laptop has a webcam, but I haven't tested it yet because I can't find the program that runs the damn thing.

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