February 27th, 2011


My laptop is now named Q.

I officially named my new laptop Q, after a character of mine in the Lo stories.1 But if it misbehaves, as computers sometimes do, I can say it's acting like the other Q (the Star Trek one). :-D

LOL, it was so funny. I saw the Q-like symbol on the lid and said, "Q." Alex immediately said, "NO NO NO NO NOOOOO, don't name it after Q!" And I said, "The Q from the Lo stories, not Star Trek Q." And he relaxed some. :-D

In related news, Q installed a bunch of updates (42) last night, and wants to do more today. WTF?

Also, Q might be my sole computer for a while, since Ahnai (my PC) might have motherboard problems, too. I'll find out for sure Monday, hopefully.

1 = I forget the character's given name offhand, but his nickname is Q, from his Discordian name of "Quintuple Omnibus."

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