February 23rd, 2011

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My poor computers!

I have a bit of a sad. Both my computers are not well. My laptop, an iBook, works well when it works, but when I start it up it initially gives me the Question Mark of Doom. On restart it can find things fine, and runs them fine. Mac Store guy said he'd fixed it, but it's still doing it. I shall have to go back.

And now my PC, which is 5 or 6 years old, is acting stranger than normal. Brooke and I were trying to install a new USB port card in it, to give it more USB ports, and on power up it would get so far in the startup and freeze up. Gods only know how many times we had to manually power it down. Eventually it got to the point where it wouldn't even get to the Windows logo before giving some error about the BIOS. Brooke suspects the hard drive is going bad. Also, the funny noise it's been making on startup for the past several months, she identified as the fan going bad. So there might be heat damage. I have to find somewhere to have it looked at. I hope it can be repaired. But if not... well, it's old and slow and I could always get a payment plan for a new computer. If I need a new one, I want to see how much a custom one from ENU would be. Because I would like space for removable racks, to put spare hard drives in.

Luckily for me, 99% of my personal files (including my entire music collection) are on the 2TB external drive.

*Thinks* No, my PC is actually over 6 years old. Because I got it before we moved from Anita to Creston. I clearly remember having my PC in Anita. I don't remember where I had it in the Elm Street house in Creston, because the inside of that house looks so much like the inside of a house we lived in back in Shenandoah, Iowa, that my brain can't sort out the memories between those two properly. All I know for sure about the Elm Street house was I had the tiny bedroom in the back of the main floor, and Tara had the entire second floor to herself, much to my chagrin. Other than that, everything gets all blurry and overlaid. But I know for a fact I had my PC in Anita. I remember it arriving on our front porch. I remember that house's living room well, and I remember that I had my PC in that living room. Which makes my PC at least 6 years old. Probably older, because 6 years ago was 2005, and we were in Creston then. (I remember the room the PC was in, in the Oak Street house [in Creston] as well.) The PC might be 7 years old or older, come to think of it. Sheesh, that's ancient for a computer!

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