February 22nd, 2011


A Lyria micro-scene.

A micro-scene I thought of earlier, I'm debating whether or not to put it in "The Darkness and The Light," which is where it would go best. The canon part of the story is in italics. Oh, BTW, this story is in 1st person (one of only two I've ever done that way) and narrated by Forizano Lysvalo. Here is the micro-scene:

~ ~ ~ Start ~ ~ ~

      We checked into one of the local inns at the heart of the city and paid for several rooms, as we had done at other inns. The servant Gyhrel, a plain man remarkable only for the bright purple hat he wore, parked the carriage and stabled the horses. Arrandine stood guard over the bags while Jedocas and I began to take them up to our rooms, Gyhrel helping out once he'd stabled the horses.
      "A nice inn, this one," Lyria said as we came down from taking up the last load of luggage. "But don't drink the ale. Nasty stuff."
      "Do they water it down," I asked.
      She laughed. "To say they water their ale down is an understatement. They would need an alchemist to transform that swill into actual ale. I do believe that their ale is diluted with so much water, that the water contains only the memory of the ale. I suppose they think it will get their clients drunker that way."
      I must have looked confused at this, for she looked at me and said, "Sorry, more Earth humor. I think I spent too much time there, the place grew on me more than I had expected."
      I nodded politely. I made a mental note, however, to try to make her tell me more about this 'Earth' she keeps mentioning. It had, at that point, been the only place aside from the city of Ahv that she's talked about, with obvious exceptions of Dralakkith, her neighboring countries, and the strange city we were in then. She'd never talked about even her homeland around me, wherever that may be, nor had she ever mentioned its name. I had only been with her for less than half a year at that point, though, so I didn't think too much of it at the time.

~ ~ ~ End ~ ~ ~

And yes, that IS a reference to homeopathy. :-D

Homeopathy joke aside, I like this scene. It has some interesting exposition. It turned out better than it had even in my head.

Anyway, whether I use it or not, I wanted to share the joke. :-D

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