February 16th, 2011


My day, full of boredom, jury duty, and spicy burritos.

Last night I got only 4 hours of sleep, because I stayed up too late and had to get up at 6 AM to start getting ready to go to jury duty. I was tempted to not go, but I went. Had I known what it would be like, I would have taken my laptop or a book or something. We watched a video about the jury process, and then it was hours of boredom. All I had with me was an almost-depleted MP4 player. So I asked for some paper and a... fucking hell, what do they call those boards you clip papers on? One of those. Didn't know what to write, so I made a list of things to remember to take with me at all times in case boredom were to rear its hideous head. I'm doing one of the things on that list now: emptying my old MP4 player of music and putting text files and movies in it. (I have two MP4 players, my old 2 gigger, and my 16 gigger.) Also loading Animaniacs on it.

After making the list, I started playing around with ciphers. But that got boring. On my way to the bathroom, I spotted tables, and was like "FUCK YEAH!" because I love tables, and hadn't been at one before (and my left hand was cramping). So I moved over there. After sitting for a while, I got an idea. So I started writing a "back story" short story about how Lyria and a character named Jarnion first met. (Which coincidentally takes place when Lyria first moves to Dralakkith.) I made a pretty good start on it before they let everyone go but 14 people. This after not a single person in the whole room of 200+ people was even interviewed for jury duty. And none of us have to do jury duty again for 2 years. How is it they haven't run out of potential jurors yet?

After jury duty was over, it was noon and I was getting hungry. But I went to the Trimet ticket office and got a 14 day bus pass. (I had been sick early in the month, so missed getting a monthly pass, and was getting tired of using tickets.) Then I wandered around for a while trying to decide where to eat. Went to a place called Chipotle, which is a Mexican restaurant that uses organic, local, and free range ingredients (but prices are comparable with [other] chains). It's a popular place; the line went around the inside of the place and up to the door. I ordered a chicken burrito with hot sauce, black beans, rice, and sour cream. MMM mmm mmm that's good! But I waited a bit too long to find somewhere to eat. By the time I sat down, I was having a case of the hunger shakes. But I think the busy atmosphere was working on me, too, because even after half the burrito and a bunch of pop was in me, I was still shaky. Usually, hunger shakes stop after the first few swallows. I felt better once I left the place, though.

On my way home, I went to FredMeyer's (mainly because I got off at the wrong stop and didn't want to backtrack) and found this awesome thing: it's this AC adapter thingy where you can charge two USB devices at the same time by plugging it into an outlet. I have my 16-gig "liePod" (Coby brand MP4 player) charging with it right now. It's pretty awesome.

Because I need a place to go to write, and Panera closes earlier than it used to, I'm going to try this place called Biddy's. It's right on the 71 line, and it's open til 2:30 AM. Not gonna stay there that long, since I'll want to take the bus back home, but good to know I could, if I really wanted to. I know from previous experience that they have wifi, which is good. I have a lot of writing tools I use, which are online.

Oh, and one other thing. Last night, as I was trying to get to bed, I was cuddling with Dakota Bear. I got up to make sure the door was locked, and when I came back, I saw the cutest thing:

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I swear, it was a total accident; I didn't pose that at all. Soooo adorable!

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