February 15th, 2011

Steph Sleepy

I am exhausted! (And annoyed.)

Okay. Woke up at noon. Left the house by around 1:00, to go to a doctor's appointment at this one clinic kengr goes to. Walked to Killingsworth, took the 72. Worried the whole time there I was gonna miss it, since I had only the vaguest idea where it was. When nothing was familiar for many, many blocks, I was worried I'd passed it without realizing. Finally, I spot a beauty store that I recognized and across from it, the building I needed! So I found the place okay.

I was half an hour early for my first appointment there, the one where they figure out if you qualify to be seen there. Had everything I needed... except one thing. One thing they hadn't told me I needed: my disability award letter. GAH! They said proof of income, and the bank statements weren't enough? They're enough for Food Stamps! Fudge. Well, it wouldn't have been a huge deal if they'd had some way for me to print things, or email them a file, because I had my laptop with me, it was on, and I keep a scanned copy of my award letter on my laptop. Hell, any computer with Internet and a printer would have worked, since it's on my Dropbox, and I can access my Dropbox files from any computer with Internet access. But no, they didn't have anything like that.

Sooo, they sent me two doors down, in the same building, to talk with disability to get a copy of my letter. Only, that office - despite having "disability services" in its name - is not affiliated with social security disability. So they sent me to the nearest place that was.

I wandered around for about half an hour trying to find the place, finally I flag down a guy who happens to have an iPhone; he looks up the address on Google maps... the place is fucking 30 blocks from the area! I thank the nice man, walk off, and basically think "Fuck it!" and go back to the medical place. I gripe at the guy at the desk about the situation, and how they've made everything needlessly complicated seeing as I HAVE WHAT THEY NEED IN MY DAMNED HANDS, it's just not in analog format! But no, there is no way to print things there, or anywhere to email the jpeg to. So I ask about the nearest library. Luckily, there is one on Killingsworth. The guy drew me a map for directions. Once outside, I looked at the map and stared at it for 5 minutes trying to make sense of it. Only two streets are labeled on it, and I have no idea, the way he's written things, which fucking way to go. I finally decide that the star for "you are here" looks like it's at the corner of Killingsworth and [I forget the street name], and wander off hoping I'm right. Which, thankfully, I was. But damn, that was a long walk.

Luckily, I was able to get on a computer right away. Unfortunetely, the scans of the letter are ENORMOUS. I try to shrink them down on Word, since Word is usually pretty good about shrinking things down to fit the page. It does the first page fine. Then refuses to copy and paste any of the other pages in the award letter. I tried writing some text, cutting it, pasting it, and trying again. And for some reason it was pasting the first page again, even though I was copying the second page.

I finally gave that up in frustration and used "print preview" in IE. Which was also frustrating. I was more frustrated than an ex-gay at a Gay Pride Parade. "Shrink to fit" wasn't working, and whatever percentage I chose either made it too big or too small. I finally managed to do it by futzing with the margins.

Printing should be the easy part, right? Well... okay, at the library I usually go to, you print stuff, it holds things in limbo until you go to the print station to print off the print jobs. You click one, hit print, it tells you how much money to put in, you put in the money, hit okay, and it prints. The one at this library was exactly the same... except that it didn't tell you how much money to put in. I had to guess. I got it wrong the first time, right the other times, except the last time when I got it wrong again. But finally, I got everything printed off.

Left the library, waited 3 minutes for the bus, took it back to the clinic. Everything went smoothly from there. I got in, gave them the stuff, they approved me, and I waited for the medical appointment. That was slightly complicated by the fact that the whole rigamarole with the award letter made me late for the medical appointment (it was 3 by the time I got back to the clinic, my medical appointment had been at 2:20). But they got me in quickly enough anyway.

It's a good thing I never gave up. Several times in all that crap I was tempted to say Fuck It and just leave. But as I say, good thing I didn't, because I found out my ears are still infected. Which surprised me to no end; they don't feel infected. A little filled with fluid, still; it makes noises when I blow my nose. But no pain, no other signs that my ears are infected. But they are. Which doesn't really surprise me. I remember looking up the "antibiotic" the ER place gave me, and the Internet said it's for inhibiting the growth of bacteria. I remember thinking, "How is that supposed to help me? We're supposed to KILL those bacteria, not give them the morning-after pill." And I told the clinic doctor as much (not as colorfully, though). After all, since I couldn't remember the name of the stuff, it was the only information I could give her. She assures me what she's given me actually kills bacteria.

Even better, they have a pharmacy right there in the clinic, so I was able to get my antibiotics right there (after some waiting, of course).

But sheesh, all that crap with the award letter. Why does the government think it has to make you jump through hoops, where the hoops have hoops, and THOSE hoops have hoops, and some hoops are on fire, and others have poison spines, others make you recite the alphabet backwards while you jump through them, and another sprays you with napalm if you don't get through it fast enough? Ugh.

By the time all that shit was done, my planned trip to Panera was off, because I would have only had 2 or 3 hours at most. So, since I dropped my good shoes off at a repair place yesterday without realizing I was going to need some better spare shoes until Thursday when they'll be done being repaired, my current spares being like wearing sponges on my feet (thin sponges at that) in the damned Portland rain, so I went to the mall and got some Payless shoes. Two pair (two different kinds) since it was gonna be only $25 for the two of them (that BOGO thing, ya know). And spare shoes are always good. One pair is more casual, the other is nicer-looking. Had something to eat, too, while I was there. Wasn't terribly impressed. Something calling itself Cajun but which tasted like Asian food.

Before going home, I stopped at Albertson's for some bus tickets, since being sick made me miss the chance to get a monthly pass, and I'd run out of the old ones.

Gods, now I'm exhausted again from writing all this.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I have that stupid jury summons tomorrow at 7 AM. Fuck. You know what, I'm gonna be honest. I have enough radical beliefs that I doubt they'd want me on the jury.

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These are all beliefs I hold. No jokes.

* Even though I do not do drugs, and never have, I believe all drugs should be legalized and regulated by the government. ALL drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, everything (with a minimum legal age, like we have for alcohol and tobacco). Put it where it can be seen more easily, and it should become easier to control the negative sides, as well as freeing up prison space. The War on Drugs is a giant money pit where money goes in and gets set on fire.

* I believe in rehabilitation and reeducation over prison. For drugs, yes, but lots of other crimes as well; largely depends on the case.

* Legalize prostitution!

* I believe in nuclear disarmament.

* Our country currently has an enormous military budget and a tiny social budget (health care, education, food stamps, etc). I think it should be the other way around.

* Our education system needs more money, but more importantly it needs a complete overhaul; it needs to be completely re-imagined and remade from the ground up. It is severely outdated. Our current education system is more badly out of date than trying to run an iPhone on 1st-generation MS-DOS with a 32 bod modem.

* The sex offender registry needs to be used ONLY for dangerous people at high risk of reoffending, if at all; if you think they need to be kept track of after they served their time in prison, why not just keep them in prison?

* Tobacco use in public needs to be banned (and other drug use, too, if other drugs are legal). Do that shit at home!

* Smoking tobacco around children needs to be considered child abuse.

* Smoking tobacco around non-smokers should be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

* Legalize gay marriage!

* Legalize polygamous marriage, with the requirement that all parties should know about each other and willingly be entering the marriage fully informed. (IE, if your two wives or two husbands know about each other, know they're in a polygamous marriage, and are fine with it, then it's legal. If you have one wife in San Antonio and another in New York [for example], and they don't know about each other, you are going to jail!)

* Anti-sodomy laws need to be federally recognized as being unconstitutional. If it's consensual, it should be legal.

* Anti-abortion laws should also be federally recognized as being unconstitutional.

* DRM should be illegal.

* Public nudity should be legal as long as you aren't doing something lewd like masturbating in public or waving your willy at passers-by. (With the exception of "HOLY FUCK IT'S BELOW FREEZING OUT HERE, GET SOME GODDAMN CLOTHES ON NOW!!!")

* Free health care for all, with no stupid requirements like "have insurance or get fined"!

* Housing should be a guaranteed human right. No one should have to sleep on the streets.

* Getting enough to eat should be a given, a human right. There is no excuse, in our society, why anyone should be going without food, shelter, or adequate heat.

* The only people who are "lazy bums who don't want to work for a living" are the FILTHY RICH. Everyone else needs something constructive to do, eventually, or they start going bonkers.

* Our education system and our employment system need to focus less on programming people to be good little workers, and focus MORE on figuring out how a person's unique skills and talents would best work for getting them a career that won't crush their soul (and help them actually GET said good jobs), and will actually make good use of their talents. Our current system is inefficient and unproductive because creative people are getting stuck in soul-crushing, menial jobs while the jobs requiring creativity are going to mindless corporate drones who wouldn't know an original thought if it came up and introduced itself.

There's probably more, but I can't think of any more.

I realized earlier today that I am basically a socialist. I don't know why this surprises me so much.

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"Please, sir, may I have some more?"

Oliver Twist walks up to the man ladeling out the gruel, his bowl empty (he having eaten his portion), and looked up plaintively at the man. Once he had the man's attention, he spoke.
"Please, sir, may I have some more?"
"More? You want MORE?"
"Well, not really. I mean, I doubt this swill meets the nutritional needs of growing children. It's just hot cereal - grains - that has gone kind of cold and mushy. So you've covered the bottom of the food pyramid, but we still need a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. Maybe if you put some blueberries or strawberries in it, and served it with bacon or sausage, we'd be making some progress towards a balanced breakfast. And for dinner, some green beans, or steamed broccoli, or steamed carrots, and some ham slices or Salisbury steak. Mashed potatoes would go well with it, too. Maybe a little butter. Oh, and we'll need something to drink; milk would be a good idea, I think."

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