February 3rd, 2011

Hermione not amused

Fvck, I hate being sick

At 4 AM last night, I woke up because my right ear was hurting like a mofo. I went to the emergency room via a cab to get it looked at. It was infected. I haven't had an ear infection since I was a child, I'd forgotten how much they suck. They make headaches - even migraines - seem pleasant. The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics - some kind I've never heard of before - and some pain reliever liquid for my ear. The ear drops said to take 3 to 5 drops every 1 to 2 hours as needed, but luckily, I put some in once and haven't had any problems yet, many hours later; I was able to get some sleep. The antibiotics are one-a-day, and there are a total of 5 doses. I'm to use all 5 doses, which shouldn't be a problem for me.

The clinic people finally got back to me. I told them all of what happened, and she said that if the stuff the ER docs gave me didn't work, to call back and they could at least look at my ear before the thing on the 15th. Oh yeah, I don't remember if I mentioned that: the clinic Brooke goes to can't see me, officially, until the 15th of February. On that day is first a thing to see if I qualify and, if I do, an actual appointment.

I told the ER doctor of acelightning's suspicion of my having whooping cough. He didn't say anything about that one way or another, but I suppose the antibiotics for my ear infection would probably take care of that as well. Gods, I hope so.

Oh, and I'm coining a new term:

Elch = An elch occurs when one's body makes the preparations to belch, and then instead of belching, sends the energy that the belch would have had on up into the head.
I'm coining the term because I have no other word for it, and it's something that happens to me frequently. It's like an aborted belch. I never really paid them much heed until this ear infection; every time an elch would occur, the energy moving into my head (which always made my ears feel funny to begin with) gave me a sharp pain in my ear.
Anyone else know, and have experience with, the sensation I call an elch?

One last thing: being out in the cold air seemed to make my infected ear hurt less. I didn't come straight home after the ER; my plan was to go to Walgreen's at 39th and Belmont. When I got off at 42nd (Hollywood Transit Center), I needed to eat something, so I got a sandwich and coffee at Panera. While I was in the area, I tried Rite Aid, but they weren't open yet. So to Walgreen's I went, and got the stuff there. It took longer than it ought to have because the doctor didn't say what he was giving me, and I couldn't remember the two things I was allergic to as a child. But when I got there, and they said "Amoxicillin," I recognized the word and told them I was allergic. There were phone conversations with the doctor, the pharmacist rattled off a bunch of other names because I'd said there was another I couldn't remember, and I didn't recognize any of them. Whatever they ended up giving me - at the doctor's prescription - was something I'd never heard before (I made sure the doc told me before we finalized it), so it should be safe.

Back at the ER, I remember that all I could tell them about my allergies was "two obscure childhood medicines nobody even uses anymore" because that's all I could remember of what I'd been told. I vaguely recall mentioning both amoxicillin and whatever else to a doctor years ago and him or her saying they weren't used often or at all. I emailed Mom to find out what the other thing is, so I can put a note in my phone about it. I think it started with a D, but I've been way wrong on that kind of thing before. Anyway, just like amoxicillin, I'm sure I'll recognize the word when I hear it.

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