January 28th, 2011

Steph Candy

All I wanted was doughnuts, is that so wrong? ;-)

Something gngr said on her Facebook the other day reminded me that I'd never been to Voodoo Donut (sp?), a famous small chain around these parts. So I decided to go. Asked kengr if she wanted to go with. She decided "yes," but added on a trip to her storage locker to go through her books to sell some to Powell's. I was like "okay."

Then I realized, I needed to go to New Seasons Market again. So we went there first. I got some more crackbread. My mustard wasn't in yet, though. Should be in on Tuesday, which actually works out well, since Tuesday is the first. Even though I have this Imbolc thing to go to; that's at 7.

Almost forgot to mention, I got maybe 6 hours of sleep last night, and was up before noon. And in that way that always perplexes me, was wide awake in 30 seconds. (It perplexes me because when I get plenty of sleep, it takes me at least 5 minutes to wake up properly.)

So we went to New Seasons Market, and then we took the 73 to this one transit center and ended up having to walk a few blocks to catch the line 6 to get to her storage center. Kengr has more books in there than I've had my entire life. But I doubt her collection could compete with the collection my parents once had. We used to have to get the biggest damn U-Haul truck they had, and filled half of it plus as much of the car as possible with boxes of books.

We went to her storage locker, she got a bunch of books to sell, and we shuffled off to Powell's. Got something to eat at the cafe there, darned overpriced cafe food. $5 for a sandwich the size of my fist; the same money would get me a goddamn footlong sub at Subway. And even a six-incher is over twice the sandwich of this tiny expensive thing. What's it got in it, gold boullion?
Also at Powell's, I got some funny pens. They're for getting your pens back when you loan them to people. They have printed on them things like an ad for a nudist beach, gender reassignment surgery, and so on. One is an ad for a fake sexual addiction clinic. I took pictures, I'll upload them and post them later.

Stopped at Voodoo Donut, got an assortment of 12 and also got two pentagram donuts and a pair of voodoo doll donuts. The pentagram donuts were chocolate cake donuts. The ones that look like chocolate-frosted voodoo dolls (with a pretzel through the heart) had red jelly, strawberry I think, inside. In the assortment was a coffin-shaped donut, a couple of jelly donuts, a blueberry cake donut, some with sprinkles on one side and colored sugar on the other, one with Oreo cookie crumbs on it, one with coco puffs on it, and one with Cap'n Crunch cereal on it. Oh, and at the store they were selling donuts called "sweet and sticky cock and balls." One guy who ordered one kept saying "I love the cock!" I wonder if the cock and balls have white cream filling in them. If not, they should.

From there, we took the rejected books back to the storage locker, then headed home. Brooke also apparently took home with her a bunch of valuable gaming stuff (D&D) she's gonna sell. She hadn't known it was there, apparently. It was like looking for a knut and finding a galleon. :-D Some of it is apparently still in the wrapping.

I tell ya, by about halfway through this day, I was thinking, "*whine* I just wanted some donuts! Not all this work." But oh well. If it helps out Brooke, so be it. I'll help her tomorrow, too. At least it gets me out of the house.

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Made a card for a friend

This is kind of old news, since I sent the card weeks ago, but I've been meaning to post about it. [profile] christinathena was feeling down, and it was around Yuletide anyway, so I made her a card. It got sent rather later than I would have liked, but oh well. I also sent a gift with it, a bracelet which spells out "You are strong, Christina." I don't have pictures of the bracelet, but I have scanned pics of the card:

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