January 25th, 2011

Hit Girl

Help me choose a character name's spelling.

I have a character in one of the Lyria stories who used to be in the "Playground of the Gods" series (same storyverse). His name is Zyalin. Well... pronounced Zy Ahl Ihn. I have no idea how to spell it, nothing looks right. I memorized the PGOTGs story and the major characters, but not how their names are spelled. Why don't I just look in the notes? Because the notes are gone. All that's left of PGOTGs is a couple aborted attempts at writing the story down, and very few characters appear in these aborted attempts. Keep in mind, I was originally working on this story over 10 years ago, on a computer with Windows 3.1 and 5 inch floppy drives. The computer I wrote this stuff on is in Iowa, and Gods only know where the floppies are that had those files. I'm lucky to have gotten most of my poems and some of my older stories rescued from it.

Anyway, so I know how his name is pronounced but forgot how it's spelled. None of my new spellings look right. So pick one that looks right to you, I might go with the winner. Or, if you want, you can suggest an alternate spelling. But the name is pronounced Zy (rhymes with rye) Ahl (all) Ihn (inn). Zy Ahl Ihn.

Please note: the versions with apostrophes I don't like, since they all look too much like Traipahni names, and Traipah does not exist in the PGOTGs/Lyria storyverse. Not sure why I included them.

EDIT: Okay, so it figures that I think the notes are all gone and I find them not long after posting this. Found an old dot-doc file in the Dropbox. I don't remember putting it there, so it must have been sitting in my "stuff for stories" folder on my ZIP drive when I transferred the folder to my Dropbox. Anyway, his name is spelled "Zyahlihn" in the notes. That did look the closest to right, but I dunno... might change the spelling anyway. Looks too Traipahni even without the apostrophes. Keep in mind, PGOTGs pre-dates Traipah.

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