January 16th, 2011


New addition to my normal prayers.

I think I found something new to add to prayers, without meaning to. I was composing a prayer for a friend, thinking about how "Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain," AKA "Many-thanks, You Are The All," is a prayer of gratitude, because Conversations With God says that a prayer of gratitude for what you know will happen. Which led to a thought of "So mote it be" and similar things, and then came up "So said, it shall be." Which conveniently translates into just three words in TPNN: "Ihl tók, vóshet."

It's not a perfect translation. Tók (pronounced "toke.") is actually present-tense. Past tense would be gohn-tók (gone toke), and means "speak." And "vóshet" really means "denotes something that will happen." So "vóshet" is a statement of certainty, like "I am certain it will happen." So I think I'm going to add it to prayers from now on. :-)

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