January 9th, 2011


Writer's Block: Workin' for a livin'

What would you consider the worst job in the world, and why?
President of the United States. It's stressful, dangerous, your life and the lives of your family are always at risk from nutters with guns, and anything you do can be undone by the next guy anyway. It's a little better for Republican Presidents, they can get away with lying, undeclared wars, genocide, torture, suppression of civil rights, and all kinds of other horrible things and no one is allowed to criticize them, much less arrest them for their crimes. But the Democrat Presidents get criticism for all sides and can do no right in anyone's eyes. Either they've done the slightest thing to lose the faith of the over-hopeful people who were his biggest fans, or the Republicans throw everything you do into question, and for some reason people listen to them despite the fact it's like the Mafia calling a man a criminal overlord for getting a parking ticket.

Seriously, show me a worse job. I bet you can't.