December 27th, 2010

Steph bouncy

Fun dream

Had a dream last night where I was hopping around high school (a high school much bigger than any I've ever been to) like a kangaroo. It was quite a fast method of travel, which is good, because I was trying to find the cafeteria. I found it, and was getting ready to get some stuff when a teacher told me not to hop in the halls. I was whining that I didn't want to walk normally, because I "plod around like a penquin" when I walk normally (I do, kinda). Needing some alternative, I got a wheelchair, and was soon zipping around almost as fast as I'd been while hopping. For some reason lunch was being held in the gymnasium, where there was also a play going on onstage. There were lots of veggies of different kinds, and there was also pizza. :-D

Funny thing is, I hop in dreams a lot. Not all dreams, maybe 25% of them. It is a lot faster than walking. :-) And other times, I "fly." By fly, I mean I levitate a few inches off the ground, and lean the direction I want to go. I lean forward enough, and I can zip around at over 30 MPH!

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