December 23rd, 2010


Getting back in touch with my spirituality, slowly but surely.

Lately, I've been getting back into my spirituality again, a good sign. I still haven't done any rituals at the altar yet, but a large part of that can be blamed on that damned smoke alarm right in the bedroom. If I were to light even one of the candles, it would freak out. It used to freak out whenever I would cook something, even when there was no smoke. I've taken to turning the vents on before even turning the stove on, and that seems to prevent the smoke alarms from going off. But I don't have any vents by my altar, so GAH! Have I mentioned how much I hate smoke alarms? Why does the apartment even have any? It's so fucking small, I'd have to be already dead to not notice a fire burning in it, and there's not exactly a shortage of emergency exits. But whatever, I leave the damned things alone.

I suppose I could get one of those fake, electric candles that run off batteries.

But back on track... my connection with my spirituality has manifested in interesting ways. Aside from the occasional protective spells (which take the form of me imagining Shao'Kehn putting chains and a Shao'Ahn'Dih'Gahn-shaped lock on them, the lock complete with spikes coming out the top), I've also been working with Kriio and Fwiinah, trying to get them to tone things down; Kriio is the Deity of Cold, and Fwiinah is the Deity of Wind and Air. I've also successfully gotten help from Dochrahmahn-Tura, Deity of Speed and Flight, in getting buses to come faster, and getting myself to bus or MAX stops either just in time or with only a minute or so wait. And I swear, earlier on the MAX, the working I was doing with Dochrahmahn-Tura was making the MAX go faster than normal! The trip from Gateway to 82nd, on the MAX, normally takes a few minutes. But this time, I swear it only took 30 seconds! Or only felt like 30 seconds, anyway.

Oh, and... *giggles* Okay, so last night I got woken up at 9 AM by a friend, which I don't mind, because I can usually roll over and go back to sleep after phone calls. But this time, I was having difficulty getting back to sleep. Once I did, I had a hard time staying asleep. And I don't remember anything about my dreams, but I didn't like them. So, frustrated, I prayed to Morshauna and Morshiinin, who are Sleep and Dreams, respectively, for better sleep and better dreams. The sleep was not much improved, but it did improve. And the dreams... *giggles* Collapse ) Suffice it to say, I'm going to be praying to Morshiinin more often! :-D

Brooke has been ill lately, too, this time with a flu, so I've been asking Jiijiinis and Alorno (Health and Healing) to help her out.

And given how much I've been writing and drawing lately, I should thank Tahrah-Taynah and Ahg-Tahrah more often. :-) Tahrah-Taynah is Creativity, and Ahg'Tahrah is the Deity of Music, Poetry, and Art.

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