December 21st, 2010


There are still poems awaiting sponsorship! Every dollar helps!

There are still fisbowl poems awaiting sponsorship. Every little bit helps bring them into the world! If you made a prompt that made it into a poem, why not help pay for a mind baby you helped conceive? You know you want to. Fifty cents, a dollar, every bit brings one of these charming poems into the light of day.

How about "The Way The World Turns"? Just $5. Five people donate $1 to this one, and it bursts out into the bright light of day!

Think the Borg are scary? Well wait until you meet the beings in "Mother She Loves Us"! Just $10!

Cthulhu is just a tale... right? "The Many-Angled One" makes you wonder. Another $10 baby.

And who can resist the playful charm and bouncy exuberance of "The Baobab Tree."? $10 is surely a fair price for the laughter and joy it will bring to your world.

And poor little $10 "What Defines Sentience," a serious poem, and her strange and silly best friend, the $5 "Hooray and Hoorah!" These two live in squalor, drinking dirty water and eating titsi flies to survive. Just a dollar from 15 people each can give these two beautiful babies clean water and lots of yummy food.

So please, sponsor if you can. And whether you can or not, please help spread the word. These brain children need love, and only money will do that. Give money so these poems can be loved by readers the world over, please? *flutters eyelashes*

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