December 19th, 2010

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"I'm Glad I'm Not A Giraffe" released!

The Poetry Fishbowl poem "I'm Glad I'm Not A Giraffe" has been sponsored by janetmiles! Based on the prompt "Giraffes" by ellenmillion, some stuff I read about giraffes in a link [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith provided for another prompt, and the fishbowl theme "weird things," it was one of the $5 poems. Thank you, janetmiles, for the sponsorship! And thank you, ellenmillion, for the prompt!

There is a bit of blue language. If there are any complaints, I'll put it under a cut. For now, though, enjoy the poem, everyone!

“I'm Glad I'm Not A Giraffe”
By = Tristan A. Arts

Giraffes invented water sports, for they don't drink champagne!
The male drinks the female's piss to taste if she's a lay.
And if she is, so help that lass, she'll never get away!
He'll chase her down and stalk her until he gets his way.

And if you think your first time was awkward as can be,
You haven't tried to mate when your neck is like a tree!
With legs that barely keep them up half the time as is,
Is it any wonder the males taste their lady's whiz?

It's not like being born giraffe is a cakewalk in the park,
Can you imagine falling down out of the warmth and dark?
And the difficulties they go through just to get a drink,
Make me glad I'm not a giraffe, 'cause that would really stink!


If you liked this (or even if you didn't; this wasn't the best of the lot), you can view the rest of the poems available for sponsorship here, or give me more prompts here.

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