December 17th, 2010

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Various things today

Woke up around 1PM, had breakfast, got dressed, and went out. Went to Mac store because my laptop's power cord died last night. The little light wouldn't light up on any outlet, and the laptop wasn't registering any power input. Guy at the Mac store gave me two of them for the price of one, for some reason. Don't know why, but I'm glad he did, since they're over $60 apiece. Now I have a spare! I tested them both, they work fine.

Also, stopped at Goodwill to see if I could find a cheap music keyboard. Didn't find one, but I found some VHS tapes of Monty Python, a DVD of the live-action version of Charlotte's Web, a cheap scanner powered by USB, and a spare charger for my cell phone.

Then it was off to Radio Shack, to look for a coax cable. Why is not really important, because I called Brooke for advice and ended up just getting an antenna. I'm borrowing one of Brooke's signal converters and a switeroo-thingy since the VCR/DVD player thing won't let us run a signal through it for some reason.

Anyway, after Radio Shack, I went to the library, then home. Brooke came over and helped set up the TV stuff. This is good because the other day my ass was hurting from the computer chair, and I was bored otherwise. Now I have something to do if I get bored.

Also got a neat brainwave about Lyria, while I was out and about. I'd already known part of it, but now I got the whole story. Her birth name was actually Ilia Ilykwah (eel-e-ah e-like-waa). It's an interesting story why she doesn't use that name anymore. But it would be spoilery. :-)

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