December 16th, 2010


Drawing with the eraser

GIMP was working well with my Wacom tablet for once, but I was initially frustrated that everything I was trying to make the regular way was turning out wrong because I was pressing too hard. So for shits and grins, I cleared everything, filled it with black, and started drawing with the eraser. Look at this scary thing I made, LOOK AT IT:

Fuck yeah.

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Fishbowl theme: weird things. Seeking prompts for poems.

So there were a total of two votes for "alien intelligences" between the two polls, but three votes for "weird things," so "weird things" is the theme for my first poetry fishbowl. I now need prompts within that theme for poems. Don't be shy, people, the more prompts there are the more poems there are likely to be to choose from!

Also, bear in mind that I might have things from the other theme possibilities mixed in there. Or I might not. You know how I am. :-)

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A thought about criminality.

You know how some criminals, guilty of a relatively minor crime, will shoot a witness, risking murder charges? That always struck me as not only stupid, but against survival, because murder can get you life in prison.

But just now, one of my characters in the latest Lyria story is thinking, "Hung for a loaf or hung for a fortune, I'd be hung either way." Which got me thinking, what if the above described behavior is somehow due to the old historical methods of dealing with criminals? That, until recently, the punishment for theft was often either losing a hand or losing one's life? It's been that way, with variations, for thousands of years, maybe tens of thousands of years. What if humanity has evolved from that just enough to explain why modern criminals would risk a harsher sentence for murder? That the reason was because in the past, all crimes had similar punishments. And murder was, until recently, something you had to have witnesses to prove. If no one saw you do it, and you had no known motive, you got away scot free.

Not saying it's true, but it's something to ponder, at least.

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