December 13th, 2010


Imagination issues

Originally posted this on asperger, but was wanting y'all to see it too. I'm especially curious about non-Aspies with this problem. Here is the post:

I have a very powerful imagination. Powerful enough that I used it to hide from reality for 10 years of my childhood. Powerful enough that when I write fiction, I feel like I am really there, and describe what I'm seeing. And my spacial memory and spacial imagination are also powerful. I can remember places I've been so well that I can stroll through them in my memory.

Which makes my issues even more annoying. I have some strange imagination issues that perplex me. They're in regard to things I read, things written by others.

First, descriptions of characters will sometimes make a strong impression on me, but usually they don't. I can usually get close, a blurry image in my mind that is close to the description. But sometimes my mind will completely ignore the description and put its own image in that character's place. Just yesterday, I was reading something with a female character described as black haired and grey eyed. Now, I have black haired characters myself. I can picture a female with black hair and grey eyes just fine. But for some reason, I could not picture her like that - she became a brunette instead. (No idea what eye color was.)

Also, spacial things when I'm reading are a crap shoot too. I can picture some things well, and other things I can't. The Harry Potter books are the worst. I can picture the outside of the castle, the outside of the Privet Drive house, and so on. But the insides of those buildings are this huge blur every time I read them, like something in a dream. I can keep track of things, but I can't see it well in my head. The Hogwarts grounds are horrible, too. Where the castle, Hagrid's hut, the forest, etc are in relation to each other is this giant blur.

Hogwarts characters were, until the movies came out, horrible too. Some, like Hagrid or Dumbledore, I could picture perfectly. But others, like Hermione, Ron, or some of the teachers, I couldn't even get the basic human shape, let alone the right colors! They were amorphous blobs. I kept trying to give them some form, so the form would shift around like mad when I did, but nothing would settle. It was a huge relief when the movies came out, I was able to plop the actors' forms down into their roles in my head. The movies helped a little on the spacial stuff, too, but not much.

Anyone else have a problem like this?

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