December 12th, 2010

Steph Pensive

Vote for a poetry fishbowl theme please?

Since everyone seems to have forgotten about the call for themes on the poetry fishbowl thing, I'll take what few suggestions given and make it into a poll, so we can get on with this.

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Which theme would you most like to see me write poetry fishbowl poems in?

differently civilized people
alien intelligences
weird things (yeah, I know, super vague)
other (please specify)

My pricing for poems:

0-16 lines: $5
17-31 lines: $10
37-46 lines: $15
47-66 lines: $20
Poems over 66 lines, or with very intricate structure, fall into custom pricing.

This differs from ysabetwordsmith's pricing because I rarely write poems less than 12 or 16 lines. My poems tend to have 4-line stanzas. And, unlike ysabet, I rarely write free verse.

This was originally intended to be a FaceBook note.

I started this as a FaceBook note and it got long enough I thought it would make a better DW/LJ/IJ post. I was feeling spiritual, but hyper-logical, when I wrote it. Also, hyper-agnostic.

Language is so frakking limited. Words that come to mind are "Kohraindehr/God/Tao gives us the power to do anything with our lives, even the power to fuck up," but there are too many frakking connotations to that which render the meaning completely different from what I mean. The connotations suggest a level of dependency that my meaning does not; it also implies a level of personal interaction with God/Whatever that simply does not exist. Kohraindehr made Existence1, and doesn't interfere. There are things set up which make existence possible, and things set up to help draw what we think we want to us, but it is an impersonal system. Lesser Deities may be involved, powerful spirits and so on, but Kohraindehr Djairself2 does not make value judgments. Lesser Deities may possibly be close enough to human level to interfere, I don't know for sure, and I don't know how much. I am fairly certain I am an Avatar of Shao'Kehn, Goddess of Chaos... but if I'm right, would Shao'Kehn helping me really be interfering? If I'm right about that, wouldn't that mean She was helping Herself? Anyway, moving on. My point is, lesser Deities notwithstanding, Kohraindehr being The All, would be a kind of sentience so alien from out own that we could not possibly hope to comprehend it, and there is no way to know what - if anything - it thinks of us. Given the scale of our universe, and the high likelihood of there being an infinite number of alternate universes, it is probably safe to say that we'd probably have more in common with Cthulhu or other Elder Gods than we do with Kohraindehr. Which is not to suggest any malevolence on Kohraindehr's part. Far from it, I believe - given the scale of Existence - that any mind capable of viewing even a significant portion of all of that vastness and actually being able to process any of it would be incapable of malice or even benevolence. It would be the ultimate True Neutral.

I think humans must know this on some instinctive level, so they attempt to circumvent this unpleasant fact by choosing to believe that the Kohraindehr-level God is also a personal God. But Yahweh/Jehovah, if real (and since I believe all Deities to be real, most likely is), is *not* the Ultimate God. Whether this mistake was His fault or His worshiper's fault, I shall not speculate.

But I also find it notable that, in the Yahgahn Creation story (which any Yahgahn worth the name would admit is symbolic and artistic, not to be taken literally), Kohraindehr is the only Deity aside from Krainaik (Time) that does not have a description of Djair form. Almost all of the Deities mentioned in The Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya are described to have a form similar to the Ah'Koi Bahnis. Shao'Kehn is almost an exception - Djai began formless, and was given form by Ahn'Dahn.

Now was The All always sentient? I don't know. There's another interesting detail in the Yahgahn creation story which says that, even though Kohraindehr existed the whole time, Djai was the last to be born. I always wondered why that detail was there - like most of my stories, it just wrote itself - and now I'm beginning to think it's a clue. That maybe Kohraindehr/Existence/Tao/Whatever was not always sentient, but once sentients came into being, it became sentient. Which, given the relative-world paradox3 that, because Time is an illusion and really there is only one Moment, means Kohraindehr has always been sentient via "paradoxical causality" for lack of a better term. IE, Djai "existed" before Djai was "born."

Bear in mind, these are all speculation. In a world where we cannot truly be sure of anything given the limitations of human sensory organs and the human brain, anyone who is sure of anything is just plain silly.

1 = Even this is inaccurate. Kohraindehr Is, Was, Has Always Been, Will Always Be. Kohraindehr is the Circle, with no beginning and no end. Kohraindehr is Everything, and thus could not be Created, much less by Djairself.

2 = Djai is a genderless pronoun in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, and "djair" is the possessive form. The d is effectively silent.

3 = Something paradoxical in terms of the Relative Realm, especially in regards to human ability to comprehend it, but which is nonetheless true in the Absolute Realm.

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