December 8th, 2010

Dakota being weird

Anyone else do this?

Anybody else talk to inanimate objects as though they were people? I don't mean cars, computers, or other electronics, I mean tables, chairs, keys, cardboard boxes, and other random objects around the house and elsewhere. And not just in anger, either. Like, just a few minutes ago, I set an egg in the groove on the wooden cutting board and casually said to the cutting board, exactly as though asking an unusual favor of a friend, "Hold this for me for a moment, okay?" It wasn't until after I said it that it struck me as odd. Or, more accurately, that it would be odd to other people. It's something I do frequently, usually without noticing. I don't do it when using an object in a manner it'd be familiar with, only when I want to have it do something unusual, like holding an egg when that isn't its usual function. I use the cutting board like a shelf often enough that I don't do that when putting most things on it, but an egg was - apparently - sufficiently unusual enough to warrant talking to the cutting board about it.

It's not like I wait for an answer or anything; I just assume the answer is yes. But I ask anyway.

So, anyone else do something like this?

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