December 7th, 2010

Steph bouncy

Portland thinking it is Chicago. Also, the rest of my day.

My plan for today was simple: 1. Go to [personal profile] lupabitch's place to get some free vitamin D. 2. Go to library. 3. Go home. As usual, more than that happened.

Before I left today, the UPS guy showed up with the stuff I ordered from Amazon: 6 cans of Manhattan style clam chowder (which is delicious and impossible to find around here), and (to get free shipping) the complete series of Moonphase, an anime series. (It was a toss-up between that and Elfin Leid. I've already seen all of Elfin Leid, but not all of Moonphase, so I got that one.) So YAY!

Went outside wearing a hooded sweater and a normal coat, instead of my usual cloak. This was because it was both windy AND raining. Like, Chicago kind of wind. Seriously, I think Portland is confused about its identity. It was windy yesterday, too, and I was wearing my cloak yesterday. My cloak is warmer than the coat, but I knew I'd have to fight with my umbrella. Didn't want to try fighting with both a cloak AND an umbrella, so I went for the coat. The hooded sweater was because this coat didn't have a hood. In retrospect, a bad idea; I think the other coat has a better hood. This is important because my ears and my face both were not happy about the cold situation, and were considering mutiny.

Went to Lupa's place. Simple path, easy place to find. When I got out at Broadway and 24th, I found the place immediately familiar. I'd been to that area before, to get my free sandwich maker. But that time, I had turned left on 24th; this time, I turned right on 24th. And that is all I shall tell you of the path to Lupa's. :-)

On the bus there, I had spotted something, so once I left, I walked down Broadway to find it. It's this business called Size Queen, which sells clothes for plus sized models. I've seen a bunch of those kinds of businesses around, it would not have piqued my interest so were it not for the Wiccan tri-moon symbol writ huge upon its face. The business is attached to a house, upon the porch of which is a fascinating sculpture. A little shack nearby was aesthetically pleasing and interesting as well.

I stopped at a Starbuck's on my way to the bus line 75, and got a "grande" (medium) cup of brewed coffee (which I was astonished to find they serve). A very dark brew, I had to dilute it with half-and-half. But I would not have mentioned this coffee were it not for the rather unfortunate side effect it had on me later as, once it got through my digestive processes, it made me feel like a rabbit on speed. One frakking cup of coffee and I'm shaking like a meth addict. Fucking hell. I don't think the two Heath bars I had helped it, either. And I discovered, interestingly enough, that Pi was able to handle that level of caffeine better than whoever had been handling it before. Still jittery as frak, but calmer. When I get the caffeine jitters, which only coffee ever does to me (not pop or anything else), I get more irritable and impatient than usual. And good gods, that coffee was around 5, it is now 11:15, and the shit is STILL making me jittery. Not as bad as before, but about an hour ago I was going about warp 7.

Before I started going into a caffeine spaz attack, I went to the library, got a couple things (a DVD, and one of the Eloise books), and spent an hour letting Pi and Negarahn post in their LJ.

I left, and while walking realized that I'm basically down to one pair of black pants, since the other is full of holes. I never had many black pants to begin with, I only ever wear them during winter. So I decided I needed some more. Then, as I was waiting for the bus to take me to the line 15 (so I could go to Target), was when the caffeine kicked in. I went to the Rite Aid for those Heath bars I mentioned (I was hungry!) and missed the bus (wouldn't have, if the line hadn't been so damned long and slow). Went to the transit center instead and took the MAX to Gateway, where I waited for the 15. (Because the caffeine caused me to forget that I could just wait for a Green line Max.) Waited maybe 5 minutes, called Trimet twice but couldn't figure out which direction I needed (later realizing it was because line 15 begins and ends on one end at Gateway, so they're both Portland City Center-ward, or "Hubward" as I prefer), got impatient, and took the Green line MAX to the next stop, where I walked to Target.

We didn't get far before Pi started acting weird due to the caffeine, growling and hissing and stuff, then decided we should take a little run. Now, just so you appreciate what this means, I don't run. I'm overweight and asthmatic. I have always hated running, and only do it when I absolutely have to, such as in times of being chased by a pack of rampaging wolverines, or "OMG I'M GONNA MISS THE BUS IF I DON'T RUN!" I also look like a mentally retarded chimpanzee with balance issues when I run.1 So yeah, Pi decided what we needed was to run, just for the hell of it.

Anyhoo, so we get to Target and look around. I won't bore you with details. I got two pairs of sweater leggings (can't remember if they were XL or XXL, but they fit) and a bag of socks. The sweater leggings will have to be worn under a dress or skirt or something, as they fit so tightly (and, hence, look ugly around my belly area), but I'm just ever so torn up about this. ;-)

The bus was annoying, coming back. I should have gone to the MAX station instead; I counted 2 MAX trains going my way, 1 going the other way, and 2 line 15 buses going the other way before the one going my way pulled up. As if that weren't bad enough, I had to wait 32 minutes (in the fucking cold and wind and rain) for the bus line 71 going my way to get there. I hate it when they do that. It's bad enough on weekends; weekends are so bad that I refuse to travel on Sunday. There is no fucking excuse good enough for me to excuse a 32 minute wait for a bus on a fucking weekday, especially on a major bus line like the 71. Fucking Trimet assholes with their heads shoved up their dicks!

Next time I decide the cloak would be too much hassle, I'm going to wear my winter hat and my scarf. *Sigh* As much as I love my cloak, it really isn't a winter cloak. More of a fall/spring cloak. And it isn't long enough. I'm slowly beginning to ponder getting a longer, heavier, winter cloak. Perhaps wool with fleece lining.

Oh yeah, and the last couple days I've been bugged by a mildly painful thing in my mouth. When my tongue touches it, it feels like a bumpy depression in my mouth. My finger thinks it's a protrusion, though. A paranoid part of me thinks it's a wisdom tooth. But the more reasonable part of me doesn't know what it is, and isn't too concerned, because whatever it is, I've had it before. It shows up every few months or so, is annoying for a week or two, and then goes away. I have, however, bought some topical anesthetic for oral use to ease it when it's flaring up, and some store-brand mouthwash in case it's bacterial; even if it isn't, it couldn't hurt. I think it's just an intermittent thin spot. Whatever it is, like I said, it will go away on its own in a week or so at most.

1 = Maybe I exaggerate a little.

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