December 5th, 2010

Dakota being weird

Trying this poetry fishbowl thing (give me prompts!)

My friend [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith regularly does this thing called a Poetry Fishbowl, which is where she gets prompts from her readers, writes several poems from among these prompts, and then gives her readers the titles of the poems in a poll so they can vote which ones they want her to put on offer. Then whichever ones get put on offer get attached prices, and then the poems get "crowdfunded," meaning different people put in money to sponsor a poem, and when a poem's price has been met, she posts it on her LJ/DW.

So I thought, why not try my hand at this? I haven't written any poetry for a long time, this could be fun.

So this is the first part of the poetry fishbowl. Give me prompts! My friend has themes for her fishbowls. Um... I guess y'all can start by suggesting a theme for my first fishbowl!

(And if you need an idea of what my poems are like, there are three tags below you can click on: poem, poems, and "opus van de oplicter," the last of which is the pseudonym I use when making extremely bizarre, often nonsensical poems.)

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Elle reading

This story is getting longer than I had anticipated. Also, call for beta readers.

I've been writing the story of Scholar Forizano Lysvalo and his experiences with dark sorceress Lady Lyria Spellspinner and her family. I must say, I'm starting to feel a little restricted by the short story format. I've just finished the second story, "Secrets," and the tale is not complete yet. Already kinda begun the third story, "Becoming." I *had* hoped to finish the initial tale in two stories, but it just didn't work out that way. Hopefully it won't go over three parts, especially since I have two other story ideas that will have to wait until this particular tale is done. But I'm not interested in novel-length stuff just yet. May eventually string the stories together as a novel, but for now, they are short stories.

In the mean time, anyone who wants to beta-read "The Outsider" and "Secrets" to help point out flaws, plot holes, grammar issues, etc., the time draws nigh. Those already on the beta reader list will be sent those soon. Anyone else who wants to help beta these, please PM me with your email address or email me at fayanora at gmail dot com with your username so I know who you are.

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