November 25th, 2010

Fanning sisters

Crock-pot turkey

This year I tried something interesting. Bought a small turkey because I have a huge crock pot. Cooked it in the crock pot an hour on high and then 10 hours on low overnight. Pretty good! Nice and moist, and it was so loose that you grab a bone and the meat falls right off. Yummy!

The rest of the stuff Brooke and I had for Turkey Day was done at her place. We had regular stuffing, cornbread stuffing, ham, mashed taters with gravy, and when we become ready for it, we have two pumpkin pies (they were on sale). I also brought over some whole-berry cranberry sauce for myself (Brooke doesn't like whole-berry cranberry sauce). For drinks, we have cranberry juice, and pomegranate flavored soda. I also brought some of my pumpkin spice tea, and spiced cider packets.

When I was younger, I could pack away two or three plates of food before getting stuffed. Now I get stuffed from one plate of food. This is a good thing all days except Thanksgiving.

Currently in a post-turkey pile with Brooke, using the onscreen keyboard. (Or was, for a little while.)

I truly have much to be thankful for:

* Getting on disability.
* Having an apartment.
* Being on food stamps.
* Getting on Medicare.
* Recovering mentally from the pit I was in.
* Making progress in writing.
* Being able to go to OryCon, even if it was only 1 day.
* Magic is returning to my life.
* I'm being more social.

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Aspies and changes in games/websites.

Over in asperger, griffen made a locked post about how he's frustrated at WoW changes, and general frustration that normies seem to prefer change and Aspies generally don't. I made the following response:

I, for one, abandoned Yahoo Mail after having an address there for over 10 years, because I got sick of them constantly changing things, especially since with every change the interface got slower and took more and more computer memory. Switched to Gmail, and I'm glad; they haven't changed anything since I first signed up, at least nothing annoying anyway.

I think it's a reflection in the microcosm of the macrocosm. That we don't like the constantly changing rules in social stuff, so when we find something like a game or a website that we like, and they make changes, it's a sort of existential dilemma for us.

~ ~ ~

Yeah, when we have trouble keeping track of changing rules in things like social stuff, anything that is stable that we like a certain way, even changes that are true improvements can frustrate us.

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