November 23rd, 2010

Cyborg velociraptor by Djinni

Not hard to figure out where THAT dream came from!

Last night I had an interesting dream, and every single piece of it can be traced back to things I was doing or talking or thinking about last night before bed.

Anyway, so there I was at this public library where, somehow, a scifi con was just ending there. (Libraries were playing a big role in the short story I was writing last night, and last night I bought two registrations for OryCon 33.) I asked one of the librarians about next year's con (I did, in fact, need to email the OryCon people) and amongst the things she mentioned were "other local cons" and listed some cities I've never heard of and don't remember the names of. Probably fictional names, real only in the dreamworld. So I thanked her and went off looking for one.

What I found instead was a HUGE bar, I think it was built inside of an abandoned... damn, now I can't think of the name of it. Those buildings by military airfields where you park the planes and jets? Big and metal? Anyway, huge bar. I spotted someone I knew from high school (not sure where the building or the bar came from, but I had been tweeting about high school last night) whose name I do not remember. I could point him out in a yearbook if I had one, but his name eludes me. He was smoking a cigar. I went past him without stopping, and up to the bar. The bartender was Justin Denney, a guy who tried friending me on Facebook, whose request I denied. A right asshole in real life last I knew him, in the dream he was polite, friendly, and kind. But he was really busy, so I would have to wait (even though all I wanted was some water). Now, in this dream I was fully me, femme outfit and breastforms and all. Usually I'm some idealized form of me, or someone else entirely, but this time I was me. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if I'd had my inverted pentagram necklace on.

Anyway, so I was waiting at the bar, and J.T. Eilts comes up and tries to buy me a drink. I make some snide comment and he leaves. Totally like him *eyeroll*. What a skeev he was in high school. Dunno about now. But once he was gone, I looked out over the crowd. In the near distance I saw a whole bunch of people I knew from high school, talking and drinking. Then it got ugly. I can't recall her name now, but I knew it this morning... anyway, this one girl from high school who was so skinny that everyone but me thought she was anorexic starts screaming about bullies and throwing furniture around. It was quite impressive seeing this short, skinny girl tossing furniture - even recliners - around like she was the Incredible Hulk. She threw a vase, too, which shattered all over the floor. Then she stormed out. But a brawl broke out in the aftermath, and I decided to sneak out the other way while everyone was distracted. Hey, it's not like I'd bought anything. :-)

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Cyborg velociraptor by Djinni

Productive week this week.

Last night I once again started and finished an entire 7 page story in the Lyria series, titled "The Outsider." Most of the story gives the impression that Lyria could be labeled Good, as in "on the side of Good." But the ending makes it plain (though not as plain as actions) that she is not. Taken as a whole, I hope the series makes it plain that she has good aspects and bad aspects, and doesn't fit clearly into either category. She creates abominations against nature, will kill to keep her secrets, can kill in cold blood, she was exiled from her homeland for a crime so terrible that even she doesn't like to talk or think about it, and regards most societal laws with scorn. She seeks to become a dark Goddess, but not for worshipers or for power. Death is her enemy. But on the other hand, she is a loving, kind, and devoted mother; a fiercely protective mother. She never gives anything away for free, but sometimes the price she demands for things seems absurdly low. Other times, absurdly high.

Anyway, after ending "The Outsider" on a truly evil note, I'm now 1 and a half pages into "Secrets," the sequel to "The Outsider." Loving her fortress so far. I am soooo envious! It's a strange world, Orion. Magic and science side-by-side in several areas, but not the same as here on Earth; no urban fantasy, this. There, scientific tools work using magic. Magical microscopes can see individual atoms as clear as seeing bacteria. Magical telescopes can see far enough to make the Hubble jealous. And Lyria's fortress is so full of magical equivalents to modern amenities like central heating, AC, magical lighting, and so on, that I've found myself having to take every opportunity to remind people this isn't Earth and isn't an electronic-technology civilization.

Hot damn, it feels good to sit down at my PC to write and actually accomplish something for once. Especially good on days like today where I'm not thrilled with the idea of going out into the cold to sit at Panera and drink coffee to do my writing on my laptop. Takes a good 40 minutes or more to get there, same or more to get back. And at home, I can write naked! I'm not, though.

I do have a pagan meetup later tonight, though. And I *am* going.

All for now.

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Cyborg velociraptor by Djinni

My book, cheaper than ever!

Looking in my email, I found an email from PublishAmerica, the people who publish my book, "I'll Tell You No Lies". Normally, it is $24.95. But the email says that as the author, I can get a 55% discount if I order three or more books, or a 60% discount if I buy at least nine copies. I doubt I'd get nine orders, but if I can, so much the better. But I figure at that discounted price, I can charge less than PA does and still make a profit. I figure the books would be about 11 or 12 dollars for me, with the discount. So I think I'd charge $15. Still high, I know, when paperbacks at the store go for $10 or less, but hey, I work with what I have. That's still $10 cheaper than you could get it direct from the publisher, or from Amazon. And if I get 9 orders or more, I can use the 60% discount, and can lower the price to $12.

These prices do not include shipping, but I think the shipping on a single book is fairly cheap. *Checks* I don't know how accurate this is, not having one of the books on me, but says it's almost $5 for shipping. So we'll go with $4.90 shipping and if it's less, I'll refund you. Still a lot cheaper than getting it from PublishAmerica or Amazon! Admittedly, you'd just have to add $1 to the Amazon order to get free shipping, but my way is $5 cheaper than Amazon. (Unless we get 9 orders or more, then it would be $8 cheaper!)

By the way, if you've already read the book, please review it over on Amazon.

EDIT: We have 1 order, do I hear 2 more? They make excellent Yule gifts for yourself and others!

EDIT 2: Found a way to make shipping a lot cheaper, praise be to kengr. Amazon says it's only 6.4 ounces, so that brings shipping cost down to $2.38, making it a LOT cheaper!

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