November 20th, 2010


Some smallish changes

I have deleted some of the old userpics from my LJ that I don't use often, and replaced them with ones from my DreamWidth and my old InsaneJournal. Also, I have a paid Dreamwidth account now because I was tired of not being able to use as many icons on DW as I can on LJ, and also polls can be done on both now.

And anyone following me on InsaneJournal, my DW now crossposts to both LJ and IJ now. So for the first time in ages, my InsaneJournal will have new posts. :-)

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Somewhat annoying about LJ and IJ...

Somewhat annoying that both LJ and IJ only allow you to upload one userpic at a time, but Dreamwidth lets you upload multiple userpics at once. Annoying insofar as why can't LJ and IJ update their code? Okay, I get why IJ hasn't... InsaneJournal hasn't updated its code or layout for years, as far as I can tell. (And could really do with a layout overhaul.) But LiveJournal really has no excuse.

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