November 15th, 2010


My day today and other stuff

Went to the post office today to send the_nites_gurl the original artwork of the picture I drew her, since she paid extra for that after seeing how awesome the picture was. Went out wearing my cloak, my new Slytherin scarf, and my money/etc pouch. It was very odd, all day long, trying to get used to walking without the weight of either my purse or my backpack.

Went to the post office by the airport because Google Maps made me think that one was super easy to get to. Nope. Turns out the airport has some kind of postal drop thing, but no real post office. There's a post office a mile back along the MAX tracks, between two stops. I had to walk along a narrow strip of what barely qualified as sidewalk. Finally got to it. Didn't want to bend the picture, creases look so ugly; so I bought a large padded envelope for it. It was $2.30, not counting postage. Unless I find a cheaper way of sending the originals, I'm going to have to raise the price, because I think I lost money on it this time. *Thinks* $1.56 for the postage, $2.29 for the envelope, so that's $3.85 altogether. Yeah, lost 35 cents on that. No profit. :-( (Grand Nagus Zek: "No PROFIT!?!?")

Took forever to walk to Cascade station from there. Finally got there, though. From there, I went to FredMeyer's to get some CLR because the shower head is clogged.

Also, started and got halfway through a short story starring dark sorceress Lyria last night.

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