November 12th, 2010


I refuse to be normal!

Wore my newly-repaired cloak out and about earlier today. Got my first in-person negative comments from strangers in a long time. One was "Little Green Riding Hood!" and another was "Halloween's over!" Only later did I think of comebacks: 1. "It's a cloak, obviously. It's too long to be a riding hood." 2. "Father Satan bless your soul!" I like that second one so much, I think I'll use it on any future idiots. :-)

*Sigh* Why do some people feel the need to mock people they've never seen before, for dressing in an unusual way? Ah well, the scared little minds, I'll give them something to fear with my Satanic blessing. Heh. If [personal profile] lupabitch is willing to, I have a small sewing job for her, which I am willing to pay her for. I bought this patch at Moonshadow today, of an inverted pentagram with a serpent. I just can't decide where it would be best: my cloak, my monk's robes (which are shipping at last!), or my backpack.

As I said, I was at Moonshadow earlier. I was there mainly to try finding a better cord for my inverted pentagram, since the jumpring kept snagging on the satin and tearing it up. While I was there, I got the patch, some magnetic hematite, a couple pouches on cords for when I'm fully garbed so I can take important stuff without having to carry around my whole purse, and this beautiful book that was on sale. But they didn't have the kind of cord I needed; they referred me to this bead store a couple blocks away.

Went to the bead store, got a leather cord. They put a clasp on it for me, and got me a new jumpring because the cord was too thick for it. Looks very nice.

Also, was telling the librarian it would be cool if they had those little bitty cards you can put on key rings, like Fred Meyer's and Hot Topic have, and she said they do already! Had to get a new card number to do it, but it'll be so much easier than digging into my purse every time to get the damn library card to use on their machines (library cards at Portland's library have bar codes, and the checkout machines and other stuff have barcode readers).

Also, LiveJournal is down for maintenence, will have to save this as a draft until it comes back, or else it won't crosspost (I'm on Dreamwidth right now).

But yeah. I'm tired of of blending in. I blended in out of fear. I want my weirdness known! I've also decided, if I find a good place to dye my hair that does pink, I want half my hair black and half of it pink!

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