November 4th, 2010

Steph bouncy

I made a drawing with my graphics tablet and GIMP!

I made a picture using the graphics tablet and GIMP set to pressure sensing. I also used half-opacity "pencil," eraser, and smudging tool to shade it and do the hair. Looksee:

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Also, in case you missed it, my inner child molly_elizabeth ([personal profile] molly_elizabeth on DW) drew a lovely detailed picture, too, a few days ago.

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Power outage unexpected side benefit.

I'm probably one of the few people consistently woken up by a power outage. Not that I get a lot of them, just that they wake me up. The fan went off around 11 AM, and that was enough where I was getting up to see what the problem was, when the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for the computer started beepy-screeching at me and would not stop til I turned it off. Called it in, and found someone else had already beaten me to it. But I like calling these in when they happen, so I can be assured it's not just me, and that it's not my fault. I doubted it was, since I had paid my bill, and it takes them two whole months of nonpayment before they shut the power off, but I liked hearing it wasn't just me anyway.

Got the power back just a bit ago, and found to my supreme pleasure that my laptop is connecting to my wireless network, Gweble,* again. It wasn't able to, for some reason, the day before. Still no idea why it was acting up, but the power outage did what unplugging the modem-router and having it remotely reset by Qwest failed to do.

* Pronounced Gweb-bull. It's the name of the Goddess of water in the Traipahni religion of Yahgahn.

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Cloak being fixed

My cloak I got from lupagreenwolf has a hole where the hood connects to the cape, looks like it just popped a seam. But I figured, I spent $15 on a used cloak that, bought new, would have been betwee $60 and $100. So any repair costs would be worth it.

Thus, I went to Ties Cleaning down in Hollywood, since I'd seen the place hundreds of times before and seen indications that they do repair work (sewing machine right in sight from the window was a dead giveaway, among other signs). I asked them, and - sure enough - they do repairs. I have to leave it with them til next Wednesday, but it will only cost $7, which is a LOT less than I was expecting. I have the pick-up receipt in my wallet.

Also, forgot my cell phone at home. Drats and darn. Ah well.

Oh, and the weird theater down here that normally only shows films I've never heard of before and have no interest in has what is only the second movie there I've wanted to see. It is "Let Me In," an American remake of the movie "Let The Right One In." I'd heard of it before, it stars Chloe Moretz, the girl who plays Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. The synopsis is this: "A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian." I want to see that movie, I think I'll see it tonight or maybe tomorrow night. I think I'll see if kengr wants to see it with me. If anyone in town wants to see it with me, let me know. If you can't afford to see a movie, I might pay your way in if I like you enough. :-) Definetely will pay kengr's way in. And gngr, if you want to see it, I'll pay your way in as well.

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I *was* considering doing NaNoWriMo, despite never having done it before on principle of thinking it was silly. Was considering doing it because it might help me get back into writing. But I dunno... this last week, every time I've planned to write, something's come up. Even today, there was the power outage and then getting free milk for kengr, so it was after 5 before I got to Panera, and then it was like "Bleh." So, not looking good for that. I shall try writing again tomorrow. In the mean time, go here and buy a portrait of yourself by me for $1! (Don't be scared off by all the "rules.")

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