October 25th, 2010


Oh that crafty Goddess!

Through roundabout means, once more proving Her patience and guile, Shao'Kehn has helped me to rediscover something that will doubtless be a huge part of my recovery from the dark pit I was drowning in. It started with a message from erithianopius, which led to a long reply, which led to re-reading this page. From there, I noticed I used to capitalize the word Human in my Traipah stories, which led me to remember why: I long ago noticed that alien races are almost always capitalized, but the word Human is generally not. And given some other things in those books led me to figure that this oddity is, ironically, a human bias. The capitalizing of alien race names is to draw attention to it as alien. Whether this is done kindly or not, it still seems to generally be a subconscious human-centric bias. Which led me to a huge long-winded monologue wherein I explored this whole topic and came to realize that the reasons I capitalized Human was this:

* It points out and subtly pokes fun at the subconscious human bias, by giving equal emphasis to the Humans' name for themselves. (As de-capitalizing alien names would be less likely to be noticed).

* That this also betrayed my own bias, which is non-human. The Ah'Koi Bahnis [Tu-Bahn Fahloon] capitalize the names of all sentients, because even though all things living or not are equally Divine, sentients are generally more aware of their divinity, whether they would put it in those terms or not. An Ah'Koi Bahnis would be initially confused as to why Humans *don't* capitalize that word, especially since they capitalize other alien names (as well as scientific names for animals). This was, incidentally, my own reaction when I first noticed this oddity of capitalization.

Which led, at long last, to the most salient point: that, whether Traipah is real or fictional, I am an Ah'Koi Bahnis in spirit. Whether I channeled the information or just modeled the AKB after myself, that isn't important. I've gotten away from my AKB self. The deep pit I was in disconnected me from my... heritage, you might say. I was focusing on the negative aspects of being different, without drawing strength (as I once did) from that side of myself. Now I'll know, and can keep that in mind, so I can work to reconnect with it. Especially with the essence of the Ah'Koi Bahnis spirit: that calm, peaceful, non-judgmental state common to so many AKB. They may get confused at times, perplexed, even shocked, but they work to retain and open mind and open heart. If someone disagrees with you on something major, the human thing to do is to argue. The Ah'Koi Bahnis thing to do is shrug, smile warmly, and say, "As you wish. We all have our own Path."
I think I need to re-read my own novels. Which could be difficult, as I don't think I have a print copy of "I'll Tell You No Lies" with me anymore.

Okay, that's odd, the thought I just had, but a good one: one day, I would like to have Seeker robes. Seeker robes are the robes that first-year members of the Shao'Bahn Order wear, from day to day. I'd like to have one, so I can wear it out and about on occasion, and/or in use for rituals.

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Buy my novel!

For those of you who are new-ish, years ago I got a novel published through PublishAmerica. The novel is "I'll Tell You No Lies" by Tristan A. Arts (my birth name), and is a Traipah novel. The main character is an Ah'Koi Bahnis named Nokwahl, and she works as a detective for the Terran Law Enforcement Agency. She has telepathy and telekinesis, but her most potent Gift is that she's a projective empath.

Here is a link to it on Amazon, since it's cheaper there: http://www.amazon.com/Ill-Tell-You-No-Lies/dp/141377086X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1288001546&sr=8-1

Though I recently discovered that the publisher sends me emails to my old Yahoo address, every Friday, with deals that only last the weekend. I missed out on "30 books for the price of 5" and "4 for the price of 1" and I hope to catch the next one, if it's a good one.

I am so annoyed that I missed out on 30 for the price of 5. Of course, 5 copies is $150, but 30 copies for $150, if I could sell them all, would be well worth it. Hell, at that price I could donate a copy to the library in hopes people will read it. (Despite the fact I wish I could re-write the darn thing to fix plot holes and some really stupid errors.)

Buy my novel! Loan it to friends! Buy copies for your loved ones this Yule! Review it on your blog! And tell me if you do any of these things, the ego-boost will help me heal so I can write more!

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I've wanted a cloak for ages. I've found lots of good options. Now my only real decision is, what color do I want? I can't decide among black, white, or green. Also important is fabric. I think cotton will do nicely. Wool is too pricy, and too hot anytime but winter.

I think this might be the best option: http://www.customcloaks.com/reversible_cotton_broadcloth.html It's a little pricey, but cotton broadcloth is sturdy and soft, and it's reversible, so it'd be like having 2 cloaks in 1.

This is another good option: http://www.garbtheworld.com/items/g0026.shtml

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