October 24th, 2010


Yes on 75

There's a ballot measure in Oregon this election, measure 75, to build a non-indian casino in the area (Portland, maybe? I'm not sure). Now, I used to work at a casino. At that time, it was the only job available to me. I would not have had a job without that casino. So I'm kind of partial to this measure, since a new casino would mean new jobs. And being a non-indian casino, it will be paying taxes to Oregon. While I never did understand why people would spend money on games that are rigged for them to lose, I understand it gives them entertainment, and casinos tend to have other entertainment as well. Osceola's casino was the center of its entertainment; it made an otherwise unremarkable little Iowa town into a place to go for concerts, craps, and crab meat (on Fridays and Saturdays at least), as well as other good food. It'd be different in a big city, I know, but I think I'm going to vote yes on 75.

Gods, I wish I were being paid to say that. :-)

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Elle Fanning

Rewatching Phoebe In Wonderland (contains spoilers)

Re-watching the movie "Phoebe In Wonderland" starring Elle Fanning (see icon). Only a few minutes into the movie itself, and there's a scene wherein Phoebe's school, for three different grades, is telling kids about the ridiculous rule of "only ask questions when it's time to ask questions." Phoebe asks, quite seriously, "When will we know when it's time to ask questions?" And gets promptly scolded. I'm sorry, but any school that has ridiculous rules like this needs to be shut down PRONTO because that, and other things I remember about Phoebe's school, make me not only understand why Phoebe went nuts but also makes me wonder how any student going there could NOT go insane. Honestly, I had a hard enough time figuring out and abiding by the rules in school as it was. I think if I'd gone to Phoebe's school, I'd have eventually had a psychotic episode and burned the school down, cackling with glee. Please someone tell me real children don't really go to schools this horrible, please?

The "mascot" of that absurd rule was a cartoon girl named "good girl Jenny" or something like that. The third grade-change scene with this bit, the teacher asks some question about the mascot and Phoebe says quietly to herself, "She deserves to die a slow, painful death." AMEN! If I ever have kids, I want to find out firsthand what the rules, etc. are there, and if I find anything so absurd as that, I'll keep trying somewhere else. If I have to take my kids to a Montessori school, by gods, I will!

So I totally understand Phoebe's obsession with Lewis Carroll. The more order one has in their life, especially absurd order like that, the more one needs silly nonsense to combat the serious nonsense.

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Phoebe: "I can see myself wrecking and ruining. But I can't stop myself."

Whoever wrote this is a fucking genius. This movie is a fucking work of art. You know that quote, "I laughed! I cried!" or whatever? Totally feeling that now. I laughed, I cried, I became so full of rage that I wanted to commit mass murder, slaughtering most of the characters! Art at its finest.

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Principal: "Where is the adult?"
Maaan, I get so tired of this attitude that adults are better than children just because they're older. Your experience and age may be useful tools for children, but this does not make you instantly better than children. No one is better than anyone else. Perhaps more experienced, more knowledgeable about some things, or whatever, but not better. Congratulations, you made it through childhood and learned how to walk and talk and not to eat your boogers in public. Whoop-dee-friggin-doo. Those kids will too one day. And the last thing they need is your fucking superior attitude.

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A must-see for everyone, as infuriating as it is to me; especially people who teach kids. It's a great movie about all the wrong things to do in the face of mental illness. It's a great example of how to make bad situations 100 times worse, how to screw up already screwed up kids even more, how to make a complete and utter fuckup of everything, and how to be the world's most disgusting and vile human being without being an actual psychopath. It's especially poignant in that it criticizes all extremes, from the extreme leftist anti-label stuff to the extreme rightist excessive rules and discipline-loving. "Phoebe In Wonderland" is worth seeing at least once. (And the parents, at least, do wise up at the end.)

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