October 22nd, 2010


Interesting day

Today, first place I went was the library. But more importantly, I went exploring the bus lines a bit, like I've been planning to. Since I was in the library area anyway, I decided not to go on the 15 like I'd been planning, and instead went on the 75 down to Milwaukie Transit Center. I was a little annoyed, as there was so much to see and the bus was going by too fast to catch it all. But I did spot a hearing aid place, which might be useful. I also spotted a bike trail that might be neat to try.

Once at Milwaukie TC, I waited at the bus stop for line 152 to Clackamas TC, and while I waited I admired the novelty and beauty of the immediate area.

On the bus line 152 to Clackamas TC, it was mostly industrial things, like semi truck companies. But there was one thing of note: an interesting restaurant that was huge, red, and had a real steamboat paddle-wheel attached to it; it was even turning. I forgot the name of the place, but it looked neat.

When I got to Clackamas TC, I decided to find the part where the MAX trains pull up to, which is hard to find the first time. After finding it, I decided to wander around the mall since I'd never been there before. The place is HUGE and long and there are a few stores I wanted to go into but didn't yet, and some other stores that I want to take Brooke and Lilla to. One in particular had, among other things, metal replicas of some anime swords like the Tetsusaiga from Inu-Yasha. Though they had it mislabeled as the tessaiga. True fans can't mistake the two, the Tetsusaiga is HUGE and impractical as a weapon except for people with superhuman strength, and the replica was, well, huge and impractical as a weapon. Another giveaway is the white fur around the top of the handle. Anyway, that store was full of all kinds of awesome stuff, expensive stuff, like fairy statues almost as tall as a real human being, and a twice-lifesize gorilla statue. But there were smaller things there too.

Eventually found my way to Hot Topic, was interested to see how different it was from the one at the other mall I normally go to. Not much difference, though. They had a song playing there that I had to get the artist name, found out that way that Sully Erna - lead singer of Godsmack - has a "solo" album out (Ha, solo! When that song had female vocals on it!). So I looked for a copy there, found one for only $9.99. So I got it. And while I was looking for that one, I found one by Serj Tankian, one of the singers of System of a Down. Now, since I knew I could recognize the name but never remember it without seeing it written down, I thought, "Damn, better get it now or Goddess knows how long before I get another chance." So I did. I know, naughty me, but altogether it was only $20 for the two CDs.

When I finished wandering through the mall and was headed back to where I'd come in so I could take the green line MAX to 60th avenue (just to see that part of the MAX line), my headache I'd woken up with in the morning started returning. I had no pain reliever on me, though. I was also hungry; for a moment I was tempted to get something at this place where they have things like pizza pretzels and pretzel hot dogs (hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough before being cooked), but I didn't because I knew if I did, the headache would get worse. Yes, my headaches get worse if I eat greasy foods.

Got on the MAX and waited for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Thought it was the driver's break, so I didn't mind. Then we had another long wait at the next stop. Seems the driver was having technical difficulties with the train. We made it as far as the stop by Target before he had to give up and we all had to get off and wait five minutes for the next one. By that point, the headache was quite bad, into the "lights and noises making it worse" stage, and I was hungry and had to pee, on top of that. When I finally got home, I quickly downed some pain reliever and a hunk of crock-potted pork then took a nap. Slept from about 6 PM til 11:15 PM.

Despite how it ended, I had fun today. But ye gods, I'm gonna have to learn to not sleep so much. I was up at the right time this morning, and stupidly decided to go back to bed for another hour. Felt okay the first time I got up; second time, I felt like shit. How I got a headache from one extra hour of sleep I don't know, but damn... I need to remember that too much sleep equals pain. Because this wasn't the first time. At least I've stopped getting backaches from the mattress.

Damn headache still isn't gone.

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