October 14th, 2010

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More on the Uncle Setnakt book.

The going has been slow, but I've been getting through "Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path." Despite its LHP slant, I think most of the information and advice in the book is practical and useful enough that I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to work on improving themselves. And if you think you don't need to improve yourself, I think you should reconsider. Are you doing something you love, and getting paid well for it? Have you mastered the art of taking life by the balls and squeezing? If no, I think this book is worth reading.

I especially like the balance of it. A common preconception of the Left Hand Path (a preconception that is often earned) is that it is an angry, oppositional path. You can certainly get that impression from books like "The Satanic Bible." Which is what makes Uncle Setnakt's book so awesome: there's none of that in this book. There are parts where he gets a little critical of the Right Hand Path, but such criticisms lack the angry tone of so many LHP books; furthermore, he has similarly-styled criticisms of many people in the Left-Hand Path.

Going on about the balance, he also includes good advice like "cultivate a sense of humor," explaining that it counteracts the heavy, restricting psychic armor that people tend to build up, helps out in social situations, makes you more approachable. And learning to sing: helps you learn to relax at will, since you can't sing with a constricted chest, and helps with public speaking.

Other advice includes reading up on philosophy, learning about psychology, practicing an art (like an instrument), and exploring your local area in depth. That last one really got my attention; I've been meaning to do that anyway, because I've found some really awesome stuff in my wanderings, and the reasons he gave were similar: to help locate resources that you otherwise wouldn't know about. Which was pointed out in an episode of "Fringe" I saw a few days ago too; Dr. Walter Bishop took a wrong turn trying to get back to the hotel and found an excellent waffle restaurant. :-D So I've decided to set some dates to go exploring by traveling all the way along bus lines. I intend to start with the 15, since I've only been along about half that route.

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