October 9th, 2010


So I'm an AI; not surprising at all.

Your result for The Which Star Trek Species R U Test

Android or Hologram

You scored 60 % Aggressiveness, 53 % Technology, and 53 % Social Enlightenment!
Homeworld: n/a

Hmmm, interesting. You have a high level of technological development, you're aggressive and yet you're still extremely socially progressive. How is this possible? It's not! At least not naturally, anyway (and not in the Star Trek universe). This suggests that you are either an android or a hologram, meaning you're are capable of just about anything. You can be aggressive, but also peaceful. By your very nature, you have a high level technology yet many androids or holograms seek to enhance their humanity. You defy categorization and have superseded mere organic life to become a totally different breed of lifeform...



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