September 25th, 2010


More unique cuss words

I last posted about this maybe a year or more ago, but I have mentioned in the past that I have a penchant for using foreign cuss words, and also for making up cuss words. Aside from words in Trai'pahg'nan'nog, others I make up are nonsense. I'm particularly fond of "frak" from Battlestar Galactica, and several others have spun off from that:

* frakking nadjits
* frakgammon
* frakadder
* frakkle rock

Another spinoff is "frag." Spinoffs of frag include:

* fraggot
* fraggoty
* Fraggety Ann
* Fraggety Andy
* "Fraggety Ann, Fraggety Andy, and all their fraggety little friends."

Others (unrelated):

* yeesh-ka
* yursh-ka
* yarsh-ka
* graph nag
* grapf
* grapfnag
* glarpf
* glurf
* razmataz
* razz fradj
* razzlefrakkus
* spazmaglorpf
* frazmagatag

(These are all nonsense words I have literally used as cuss words or exclamations. No kidding.)

The following may be TPNN or Dvencoilii, I don't know yet:

* dahstraht

If I think of more, I will add them. They're had to remember because they tend to only show up when I'm genuinely cussing.

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Sent an email to idiots at KGW

I just sent an email to the idiots at KGW, because for the last few days their story about "genetically engineered salmon" which are, by the story's own admission, not genetically modified at all, has been bugging the shit out of me. Here is the email I sent:

You know that story on the news about "genetically engineered salmon"? Well, there's a problem with that. By the story's own admission, those fish have not been genetically modified, merely injected with growth hormones. If that's "genetically modified", then every single piece of beef in every single store is genetically modified.

You know, this isn't the first time I've noticed glaring errors in facts on your news show. Of course, trying to get accurate information from ANY TV news outlet is like trying to breathe in a vacuum - it just ain't gonna happen. But you could at the very least be logically self-consistent and at least try to be subtle when you pander to the delusional masses.

Long story short: get your facts straight. Hormone-injected fish are NOT genetically engineered, regardless of what the idiot protestors think. The very least you could do is put sarcastic air quotes around "genetically engineered."

I think it will do some good. Last time I bitched at them was about the stupid "ground zero mosque." The next day (or day after, I forget which), they were no longer calling it a mosque.

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