September 16th, 2010



I went to Border's earlier today to do some drawing. I think I bit off more than I could chew, though, as the end result kind of failed. I was trying to draw an Aspect of Shao'Kehn I recently became aware of. Her name is Shyao'shyo, and She is The Crone. Looks like Shao'Kehn, but Her hair is greyish white, and Her eyes are milky white (I think She's blind). She also has a few wrinkles, but Ah'Koi Bahnis don't age the same way humans do, so She doesn't look quite like an elderly human would. She shrunk with age, needs a staff for support, Her eyes and hair have turned white, and She has some wrinkling around the eyes and mouth, but She looks essentially as healthy and young - otherwise - as She did when She hit Her "age cutoff point." All AKB have a point at which they basically stop aging, usually at the equivalent of the human age of 20. But when they get to be around 150 years old, their hair loses its color and they develop some face wrinkles.

However, since all Shao'Kehn Aspects can shapeshift, I've also seen Shyao'shyo as an elderly human woman.

Anyway, I tried drawing Shyao'shyo earlier, and failed. She didn't look elderly, just ill and exhausted. Which sucks, because even leaning on a staff, and elderly, Shyao'shyo had a fierce look in Her eyes. She definitely embodies the attitude of "old age and treachery." :-)

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